Weekend away…

Poppy and Skye spent the weekend with their Auntie Jo and Uncle Colin who live in a village just outside Warwick.  This was a bit of a milestone for Poppy as she has not stayed anywhere for more than a couple of hours since the problems she had at school earlier in the year which prompted us to address the home education option.

I dropped them off and en route we visited Coombe Park which is country park.  We had lovely weather and took a picnic.  We had a wander round the beautiful gardens, played frisby and the girls had a good run around. Skye then used her map reading skills to help navigate from the park to my sister’s house and a fine job she did too!

A fun time was had by all, they were totally spoilt.   They spent a few hours shopping, trying on shoes which were far to big and high – my sister loves shopping – I don’t – so they were happy!!

They visited Shakespeares house in Stratford and went to a butterfly park and identified many species of butterfly from a sheet they were given.


Summer Holiday…

This year, for the first time for as long as I can remember, we decided to stay in the UK for our holidays, rather than our usual trip to France.  We had a lovely, albeit wet, camping holiday in Cornwall and despite the rain Skye and Poppy spent hours ferreting around in rock pools!

The first week of the holiday was spent near Lizard Point.  The campsite was very close to the beach – a 15 minute walk through a lovely wood.

The first few days getting to the beach were particularly muddy and required a paddle in the sea to clean off!!  Once we  had we dragged ourselves, picnic, windbreak, buckets, spades, waterproofs (in case of forecasted shower) and set up camp, the girls were desperate to go in search of sealife!  So off they went, Daddy, Skye and Pops, armed with buckets, nets and spades… They found some enormous crabs, shrimp and fish (which they found out were called shanny fish).  It amazes me that they can catch these fish with their bare hands and they are not at all afraid of quite large crabs!! Even though one took quite a shine to Skye’s shoe and left its mark!

We invested in a couple of wetsuits for Skye and Pops as this seemed to be the ‘norm’ on the beaches of Cornwall.  To be honest the sea was absolutely freezing due to lack of sunshine but the girls were determined they were going to make full use of their boogie boards and new wetsuits!  So off they went – Skye loved it and stayed in for ages.  Once was enough for Pops – a case of seen it, done it, got the t-shirt – but not for me!

Whilst on a visit to The Lizard, we were fortunate enough to spot a seal diving about – we were quite high up and it was sometimes hard to keep track of but it made the long hike to the top of the cliff worthwhile! 

For our second week we travelled to Porthowan on the West coast and met our friends S, D, H and J here who were joining us for the week.  We had some lovely days out, accompanied by the rain, visited Truro Museum which was enjoyed by all.  The highlight being the Mummy, which tied in nicely with a mini-project Poppy had been working on about the Egyptians. 

Overall we had a good holiday but would have liked to see more sunshine! I think we’ll head back to France next summer!