Mud, mud, glorious mud…

Most of  the morning was spent on science based projects, beginning with looking at the functions of the heart.  They drew a quite detailed diagram of a heart  and labelled it, then they carried out a pulse rate experiment and recorded their results.

Later they went into the garden and collected leaves, dug for worms and made a mini-compost bin, layering leaves/kitchen waste, adding worms and then more waste.  They drew a table to record what happens over the next few days.

We then discussed they it is important to go outside and get fresh air and excercise and also discussed why there are spiders and why they are beneficial to the environment.

We did a  bit of project work on the Celts. Looked at their homes, clothes researching on the internet and in books whilst listening to Celtic music.  Skye and Poppy each drew a roundhouse and then decided to make a replica in the garden, using mud, twigs and leaves and got gorgeously muddy in the process!

After they had cleaned themselves up, they made some greetings cards and spent a bit of time on Education City.  A very busy and productive day I think!


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