Iceni Village at Swaffham

Continuing with our Celtic theme, we had a day out at the Iceni Village at Swaffham. It’s fairly tucked away and thankfully we had borrowed my Dad’s Sat Nav otherwise not sure i’d have found it!

Iceni village is a reconstruction of the type of village occupied by Queen Boadicea and the Iceni tribe around 2000 years ago. The museum includes a nature trail, a seventh century church and an Elizabethan cottage.

We pulled into the little car park and headed for the farm buildings which housed agricultural and Victorian artefacts. I must admit it was very odd walking round somewhere with absolutely no one else around…this was our first trip out on what would otherwise be a ‘school day’ therefore very quiet. We had to walk past the car park to visit the roundhouse so we grabbed our picnic and had lunch. The reconstruction of the village was great – the girls really enjoyed it and it gave them a good idea what life would have been like all those years ago – although the mannequins in the roundhouse were quite scary – the druid looked like his eyes had been gouged out and one of the ‘children’ had lost his arm! Needless to say, neither of the girls were keen to hang around inside for too long so I had to take photos and show them! All features within the village matched those we had read about and there were lots of information points around the village.

Roundhouse at Iceni Village Swaffham
Iceni Village at Swaffham

We walked round part of the nature trail and then made our way to the Elizabethan cottage which is located out of the entrance and across the road. Lovely little cottage but again I felt a bit uncomfortable; reasons being we werecompletely alone and it was quite creepy being so old (the cottage, not me)! The church was located just beyond the cottage and again our visit was rather swift – I’m such a scaredy cat!!

We made our way back to the car and then headed home.


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