Nos vacances a Paris

Due to lack of sunshine on our summer holiday in Cornwall this year, we felt we needed another break!  We booked 5 nights in a mobile home on a site about an hour from Paris.  We were so lucky with the weather, there was not a cloud in the sky for the duration of our stay and temperatures were consistently in the mid-20s! The site was very quite, being outside the school holidays, which was great as Skye and Poppy we able to use the slides in the pool to their heart’s content – and even managed to perform some aqua-gymnastics!! 

Sept and Oct 09 Paris and Home Ed 036

Sept and Oct 09 Paris and Home Ed 182 

Sept and Oct 09 Paris and Home Ed 185

We had some lovely walks into the village. 

Sept and Oct 09 Paris and Home Ed 027 

We spent one day in Paris…parked close enough to the centre, with the help of Sat Nav, to use the Metro.  When we emerged from the underground, the first thing we saw was the Arc de Triomphe.  We decided not to spend any time here as we had a long busy day ahead of us, but got at least one photo for the album. 

L'Arc de Triomphe

 We then headed straight for the Eiffel Tower, once there, girls were amazed at the size of it and were surprised how far the legs were apart!  Skye and Poppy were quite optimistic about climbing the steps of the Tower and had planned that we would easily get to the second floor – the reality was that we only managed the first floor – it was quite hard going on a warm day!! But saying that, the views were fantastic.  We spotted many of landmarks – The Sacre Coeur, The Seine and Trocadero Square.  The girls found out, from some of the interesting facts displayed, that in 1989  Philippe Petit tight rope walked from the Eiffel Tower over the Seine to Trocadero Square which is 700 metres across!!  I felt woozy walking to the first floor!!! They also found out that the oldest elephant in the world (85 years old) was led up to the first floor of the Tower! 

La Tour Eiffel

La Tour Eiffel


View accross the Seine to the Trocadero

View across the Seine to the Trocadero

After all this excercise, we had our picnic in the park at the foot of the Tower, which had a huge family fun day going on promoting healthy living so lots of dance displays and activities to try out.

After we had seen the Pompidou Centre and admired the architecture of the Notre Dame, we chose to relax in the Parc de Luxembourg which is a huge, beautiful park and gardens – hard to believe it can be found so close to the hustle and bustle of this vibrant city!  It was a Sunday afternoon and it was packed – a band was playing in the band stand, many people were  relaxing with friends or a good book, even participating in a chess tournament!   There were may fountains and statues with the centre piece being the Palais de Luxembourg.  We sat together and used our guide-book to find out its history and discovered that it is currently the home of the French Senate – that would explain the armed  guards patrolling it!!

The beautiful Palais de Luxembourg

The beautiful Palais de Luxembourg

We will definitely go back to Paris again next year and hopefully spend a few more days sightseeing.

Although we do not watch BBC’s series, ‘Merlin’, we were staying about 10 minutes from the fantastic Chateau that it is filmed at.  We took a leisurely drive to it, not really knowing what to expect…but WOW!! It was spectacular – probably the best Chateau we have visited on our frequent French holidays!  Unfortunately it was closed on Mondays, which is the day we chose to go, but we were able to walk around the grounds.  Absolutely beautiful, again another place we will take time to revisit.

'Camelot' as featured in BBC's 'Merlin'

Our French trip has inspired me, again, to brush up on my French language – I have been encouraging the girls to incorporate this as part of their daily visits to Education City!

A bientot!!


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