Duck drama!

On our way home from being out and about this morning, Poppy noticed an RSPCA van and a lady with a rather large net lurking around the brook opposite our house.  No sooner had we parked up, the girls had dashed over to see what was going on, as being an RSPCA van, it had to involve animals!! Unfortunately a duck was very badly injured but was avoiding being caught so the RSPCA lady had to call for back up!  Whist back up was arriving, they came home to put on their wellies as they were told that extra pairs of hands might be necessary to round up the duck so they could get a closer look.  Some 10 minutes later, help arrived…Mark (the RSPCA man) put on his waterproofs and waded into the water to attempt the rescue.  By this time the duck was completely exhausted and probably realised that it was not going to escape ‘the net’ and so didn’t put up much of a fight.  Upon inspection, the wound to the ducks back was rather gruesome, they suspected a dog or a fox may have attacked it.  The girls watched as the poor little duck was painlessly put to sleep.  The RSPCA inspectors were very keen to answer the girls questions and, after finding out that Poppy would like to be an RSPCA inspector, gave her some vaulable advice….that to do the job, more importantly than to love animals, she needed to be able to get along with people from all walks of life, in his words, posh, not so posh, tall, short, big, little…A good idea would be to get a job as a volunteer somewhere that she would have to deal with the public. 

Although they were very sad about the duck, they came away with an understanding of the job of an RSPCA officer and hope that it has inspired them to chase their dreams…


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