Woody Woodpecker…

Monday…Wow! What a surprise – looking out the window into our back garden, a Woodpecker had decided to have a little go at our apple tree!  So beautiful.  The girls were terribly excited, I don’t think either of them have seen one, at least not so close up!  It was there for a good 10 minutes but was startled by our cat knocking something over on our window sill and that was sadly the last we saw of him!  Day continued with the usual Maths, English and Science combining Education City, Grid Club and workbook stuff on shapes.  Skye and Poppy decided to make some brownies to share with Merry and her girls later.  Merry and her troop arrived and the girls were keen to get their animal crossing ‘people’ mingling on their ds’s.  Poppy and Maddy spent quite a lot of time playing with the Ello, creating shops and houses.  Merry had to nip off to an appointment in Huntingdon so being such a lovely sunny day,  I took all the girls for a little walk to feed the ducks – Josie was a little unsure of them and insisted being carried so they didn’t get her! Bless 🙂

By the time Merry came back it was time to take Skye and Fran to jazz and Josie to ballet….where does the time go??


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