Blood Bones and Body Bits

Flicking through a science workbook, the girls came across the topic Life Processes and Living things. They happily sat and completed the tasks within it which prompted many discussion topics on broken bones, teeth, how muscles work and which muscles they  use demonstrating various gymnastic and dance skills.  All this talk of teeth has reminded me that I need to book the girls a dental appointment, which Skye was not looking forward to as she had wobbly tooth for well over a year and the dentist had threatened that on the next visit if it was still there she would help it out!! Thankfully the tooth came out a couple of weeks ago and Skye got her well deserved £2.00 from the tooth fairy!!  So the visit to the dentist is now a little less daunting!!

Poppy used the internet to initially find a picture of a cartoon skeleton but found one that you have to fit together so printed this out instead. 

They girls were reading poems to each other last night as we had received a copy of a poetry book that one of Skye’s poems appears in – it was one she wrote in school in the style of Pie Corbet about her cat, Storm, and was selected to be included in a regional poetry book!  They decided to both write poems about the body – Skye stuck to this theme but Poppy got sidetracked and wrote about something else…here they are…

My Healthy Body

by Skye


My body is healthy

My body if fit

My body is bendy

This helps me to sit!


My body is healthy

My body is strong

I have a healthy heart

That helps me live long!


My body is healthy

My body is energetic

I go to the doctors

So I don’t get sick!


My body is healthy

My body is fit

My body is bendy

And that’s about it!

I thought it was rather good and I think Skye was suitably impressed with her efforts!

Cats and Dogs

by Poppy

Cats are:

Quiet, loving, peaceful, laying, playing, small and sneaky

And dogs, well lazy!

Inspired by a poem she read last night and playing with her cat, Oscar!  Poppy did some lovely illustrations to accompany her poem – playful cat and a lazy dog!!

I love that they are different – Skye sticking with the task in hand seeing things through and Pops starting with the task in hand but somehow always manages change her course to somewhere completely new and different but usually involving animals!!



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