Muddled Monday

Not our usual Monday – Merry and the girls are away this week and Wayne has the day off and has taken the opportunity to try to get our downstairs shower room tiled before Christmas as we have friends staying with us and it would be nice to have two bathrooms to share instead of one!! I had a training course booked in at work for a couple of hours so quite a muddled Monday!!

Poppy got up bright and early and continued with sewing beads onto her decoration. She then sat with me and did some literacy, working on regular and irregular verbs, plurals and homophones (uses of their, there and they’re and to, too and two) – happy to say she’s got the hang of this more often than not, chooses the right spelling :). Maths on Education City. She then went off to find something to ready – chose Cat in the Hat series of books. She used to love these books as a toddler but I can’t remember the last time she looked at them!

Skye was up quite late – still catching up on her sleep from Friday!! Eventually she managed to get started on some literacy, she looked at uses of apostrophes. EC – Maths excercises. Revisited Grid Club which she hasn’t looked at for a while and played some literacy games. They both looked at the Classic Story collection on Grid Club and listened to/watched A Christmas Carol from that.

Both did some mental maths, namely times tables, which we have nicknamed ‘Mummy’s Monday Mental Maths’ as it seems to be something we’ve done for the past 4 or 5 weeks! 🙂

We all sat down together for a quick pasta lunch. I had to go into work for a training course so left the girls sewing whilst Wayne carried on tiling the bathroom!

Course done, dashed home to collect Skye for dancing. Poppy came with me and bought her sewing along with her 🙂

Back home, girls did some dancing together, had tea, spent some time on Club Penguin then early to bed!


Trying out Lapbooking…

I think we may have found a happy medium..

Whilst at Merry’s yesterday, she drew my attention to Lapbooking as she thought it might be something Skye and Poppy would enjoy. After Googling it I think she might be right.

Its actually a very similar idea to the learning logs they used to do at school – which at the time were very stressful as they used to take up to 5 or 6 hours to complete so on top of homework, reading and after school activities it was rather exhausting!

Anyway, the girls and I had a chat about maybe trying one or two to see how they got on. I showed them some examples on the internet and they seemed very keen. Poppy has decided to make one on horses and Skye is doing one about flowers. Its encouraging lots of research, reading, and most importantly to them, art and craft! We had a trip out this morning to stock up on folders and paper and have been busy creating since we got back!

……..Its now five hours into their lapbooking and Poppy and Skye have both completed them!

Examples of their lapbooks are shown below.

This is Poppy’s completed lapbook

Poppy's first lapbook

Working on her horses lapbook

She wrote about the riding school she goes to, and included information on horses diet and what you should wear.

Poppy's completed horses lapbook

This was the favourite part of Poppy’s book – her horse ‘flick book’

Poppy showing the favourite part of her lapbook

This is Skye’s first attempt…

Skye's first lapbook

Skye's completed flowers lapbook

Skye used some lovely fold outs to display information…

Flower facts from Skye's lapbook

After all this hard work, they were reluctant to pack away and are already thinking about what they are going to start tomorrow!!

After a quick, but yummy tea of ‘spicy chickpea and spinach thingy’, we all dashed off to gym picking up Fran en route. I got there to find out that my co-coach has quit and so I took the rec class on my own! Thankfully it was a quiet class with only 8 gymnasts! Poppy worked hard with me in rec and Skye had a good gym session in Squad and has almost perfected her round off flick in her floor routine – just in time for Sunday’s comp, has nailed her back walkover on beam but LOST her squat-on on bar – very disappointed with herself!!

Art attack…

Girls got up early this morning to make the most of Club Penguin – their membership expires today and they wanted to make sure their penguins were in the right outfit!!

Once breakfast was over we all sat down and worked through another chapter of the Letts World of Science workbook on Gases. Girls whizzed through this with no trouble at all. Whilst we were sitting working through the books with the sun flooding in behind us, Poppy was making shadows, closely followed by Skye…can you guess what it is yet??

Poppy's shadow snail

Skye's shadow bird

Skye's Shadow Puppet - dog

Girls had a little play around making more a play with shadow puppets, then it was time to head off to Merry’s.

When we arrived the girls all went into the dining room where Fran, Maddy and Amelie had set up art books and pencils. They all spent the next two hours sketching some lovely drawings.

Poppy's freehand drawing
This was Poppy’s horse which I think is absolutely fantastic!

Skye's freehand drawing
…Skye’s cat…

Skye's freehand drawing

and flowers…beautifully drawn!

It continues to amaze me just how artistic they are…i’m very proud.

After lunch the girls did some role play and dressed up in Victorian outfits whilst Merry and I played a game called Set which is described as ‘The family game of visual perception’. Loved this game and have borrowed it to play at home.

I read a lovely book to Josie and then read a story to her that Maddy had written which was lovely. Amelie then sat with us and read ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’ – I was amazed by her reading – fantastic use of expression and such confidence!

Skye, Fran and Josie went off to dancing with Merry whilst I stayed behind with Poppy, Amelie and Maddy who played together with the railway track then decided to chill out a bit and watch a Disney film.


Merry returned home with the girls and a supply of fimo for me to take away and I headed off home.

Before the girls went to bed we all had a game of Set – which started off with Skye saying she didn’t understand but then ended up winning! She decided she really loved this game! Funny that!!


Got up early as we were going to watch free screening of the film Nativity and were picking up Wayne’s Mum on the way.

Didn’t really know alot about this film, other than it was a British film and starred Martin Freeman from The Office. I didn’t stop laughing from probably the first scene – there were a couple of tear jerking moments – but on the whole it was a very funny and entertaining film. Thoroughly enjoyed by all – Skye and Poppy were laughing out loud as were the majority of other watchers! Would recommend.

After the film, we went back to Wayne’s Mums for Sunday lunch which was yummy. Left there later than we anticipated – got home and played another game of Trivial Pursuit. Girls bathed and went to bed.
I blogged then went to bed!

Thursday and Friday catch up…

Thursdays are usually spent at my Mums whilst we are at work, however as they are on holiday, they spent the day with Wayne’s Mum which made a nice change – she doesn’t drive and spends most days on her own so was good for her to have some company! Dropped them off fairly early and it sounds like they had a pretty easy, lazy day! Never mind – there’s always tomorrow!!

Friday was spent with Daddy – did some mathematical word problem solving and some geography games looking at capital cities. When came home from work, we played a game of Trivial Pursuit Family Edition – such a fab game for all to play. There are children’s and adults questions so the girls played against Wayne and I – they won! Then watched a little bit of Children in Need – I cried – Skye comforted – then we all had a drive out to Luton airport to pick up Mum and Dad who were returning from their hols! Back home very late – so straight to bed!

Mid week sleepovers are a bad idea!!!

Woke up to two very grumpy, tired girls this morning!! Reluctantly did some maths – long multiplication, tried various methods but both find column method the easiest. It was the way we were taught at school -I do find the way they teach some things now very long winded and confusing!! Wrote out 8-10 long multiplication sums for them to do, which they did with very little, if any, help.

Both worked through another topic from World of Science workbook on the life cycle of a plant.

Joined up their ds’s for a bit and then spent half an hour or so after lunch looking through some factual books and encyclopedias.

Poppy and I made a curry for tea and then we all popped to the bank before Poppy’s horse riding lesson. She absolutely loves Wednesdays – riding day – today she was riding Pickles. She fetched him with one of the helpers from the pony stables and led him into the arena, then whilst the helper was adjusting the girth, she asked Poppy to hold the reins and at this point Pickles had a bite of Poppy’s hand!! She was very brave and didn’t make a fuss – I got her attention to check that she was ok and she said she was fine but had a bruise. Poor Pops…when her lesson had finished she came over to show me and she had a purple bruise on her hand and it was also a bit swollen!  Thankfully it hasn’t put her off and Andrea, the owner of the stables said she could ride Charlie next time as he is the only pony Poppy hasn’t got to ride – this pleased her as she has been looking forward to riding Charlie!

Home for tea – curry was lovely!

Girls adopted a monster each on MoshiMonsters – had a little play around with that, then bath and bed. 


Tuesday…lots of literacy

Up fairly early this morning…all dressed and ready to start before 9!! We decided to start with literacy, so both used workbooks and both did work on Verbs, Skye continued to work on Adverbs and Suffixes…by the looks of it neither of them have a problem with these! They went on to look at a Letts World of Science book which is quite a nice book for them to use independently…they sat together and read the short story , worked through the quizes and completed the revision exercise for the first chapter of the book which included topics on muscles and movement, exercise and your heart and the story of scurvy – very cheery! Completed with ease but had fun doing it!

In between this we made quiche for lunch, Wayne popped home to join us on his way to Cambridge which made a nice change!

After lunch, out came the Hama beads…again…Skye made a 3D Christmas tree complete with pressents! Both did some reading, early tea, then off to gym. Arrived a bit late and my co-coach did not turn up so ran the rec class almost on my own – there were two other girls there who were not much help really! Poppy worked really hard practising back flics on air track – such a shame she gave up! Wayne picked up Pops I went over to B-Squad to assist coaching in Skye’s group. Skye got her back walkover on the beam – clever thing – and practised her round off flics on air track beautifully! Just needs confidence to move them onto floor!

Back home, girls had a ‘sleep over’ in Poppy’s room – on a week night – honestly!!

I Googled a School Phobia article from the Daily Mail which Merry had told me about and cried over the comments……what am I like! I really dislike how some people are so judgemental over things they know nothing about!

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