Science with Papa

Girls went to spend the day with my Mum and Dad (Nana and Papa) as I had to attend a course. This was a bit of a treat for the girls because although they always spend one day a week with their Nana, its not often that Papa is off on a weekday too!! I think he was just as excited about it as they were!! They did some science experiments with Papa from the Usborne Book of Science. They went back to try out some of the electrical circuit tests – this time they worked!! They also made a ‘foaming monster’ out of a plastic bottle, some cardboard for a tail and claws and created a foaming mouth effect with vinegar, bicarb and food colouring (although the girls informed me that this didn’t work very well as Nana’s bicarb was very out of date 🙂 !) Will revisit this one at home some other time.

Papa took the girls out for a long walk with their friend’s dogs, which they loved.

Mum took Poppy to her riding lesson – she rode Abbi who is such a naughty horse and seldom does what she is supposed to do! Poppy wasn’t bothered though and had a great lesson 🙂

Mum took the girls back to hers and we picked them up on the way home from work.

When we got home, Wayne and I prepared ourselves something to eat as the girls had eaten with Nana and Papa, then spent the rest of the evening with the girls chatting and catching up on their day.


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