Denny Abbey

We went to a fantastic medieval day at Denny Abbey organised by a home ed group.  There was 36 children at this educational event of varying ages!  It was quite clear that Poppy was not entirely comfortable being within a large group and pretty much stuck to my hip for most of the day. We started the day as one large group and had a tour of the abbey.    Explore this lovely abbey sill featuring superb Norman interiors. at different times, it housed Benedictine monks, the Knights Templars and nuns of the Fransiscan order, the Poor Clares.  

There was an opportunity for the children to do some sketching of various parts of the Abbey by filling in the blanks on worksheets provided.

Denny Abbey Nov 09
Denny Abbey Nov 09

We were split into three groups – we then got started on our first craft which was tile making.  The lady gave a little talk on tiles, they were encouraged to sketch a design that they would like to put onto their tile, Skye’s was quite a complex symmetrical swirly design, which she used elements of on her actual tile. and Poppy (in true Poppy style) sketched her design of a flower and butterfly and when it came to putting sketch to tile, changed to two hearts!  Both girls loved this and turned out to be their favourite part of the day.

Denny Abbey Nov 09
Denny Abbey Nov 09

During the next session Skye dressed up as a monk, Poppy didn’t fancy that –  and then had a go at manuscript writing using quills and coloured ink.  Both girls found this to be much trickier that it looked but both did a lovely job of it.  

Denny Abbey Nov 09
Denny Abbey Nov 09

The whole group came back together for lunch so I was able to catch up with the organiser, Ann, who gave me inforamation about other Home Ed groups which might be of interest to us.  The children went for a  runabout – Poppy started to get more comfortable and went off to play with her friends.   

After lunch, we broke into our groups again for the last session which was stained glass window making. 

Denny Abbey Nov 09

We were taken back inside the abbey for discussion on stained glass windows, then we moved into a classroom where they had a go at making their own using coloured acetate. The adults had a catch up whilst the children were busy creating and designing and ended up with some beautiful ‘windows’.  

November 2009 and Denny Abbey 136
November 2009 and Denny Abbey 135
November 2009 and Denny Abbey 139 November 2009 and Denny Abbey 138

We finished off by  looking around the farm museum areas – Poppy liked the little ‘shop’ and had a play with the scales.  

Denny Abbey Nov 09

We all had a fab day and were lucky with the weather – bit chilly but thankfully no rain!


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