Monday…Thanksgiving craft

A very slow start this morning…not a great deal went on in terms of ‘normals’ but read about Thanksgiving and why it is celebrated.  Gave Skye a quick ‘Thanksgiving’ themed spelling test, she got 10/10 – thought I would get her on cornucopias but she got it!!

Popped to the post office to buy stamps and post some cards.  By the time we got back, Merry and the girls had arrived and were patiently waiting for us!

Girls did lots of playing and trampolining.  After lunch we had a quick fimo craft session, making Thanksgiving wreaths, baskets and turkeys!

Attention to detail...Creating a Thanksgiving Turkey!
Skye creating her Thanksgiving Wreath and Poppy, her Thanksgiving Turkey!

Their finished crafts were beautiful….
Skye's Thanksgiving Wreath Poppy's Thanksgiving Turkey

They really have got some artistic talent, Skye’s attention to detail is amazing. Skye’s wreath inspired Poppy to make her own and so, with some guidance from Skye, she did…!
Thanksgiving Wreaths Thanksgiving wreaths
..and now they both hang in our kitchen…

Merry left with all her girls and Skye to do the dancing run, Poppy and I collected up all the teddy bears and clothes that they had been playing with. Poppy had 20 minutes on Club Penguin by which time Wayne and Skye had arrived home, had tea, played a board game with Pops whilst Skye played on her ds before …then bedtime….


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Merry
    Nov 18, 2009 @ 14:17:40

    Those wreaths are lovely – i’d have been pleased with them. And i love the turkey!


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