Tuesday…lots of literacy

Up fairly early this morning…all dressed and ready to start before 9!! We decided to start with literacy, so both used workbooks and both did work on Verbs, Skye continued to work on Adverbs and Suffixes…by the looks of it neither of them have a problem with these! They went on to look at a Letts World of Science book which is quite a nice book for them to use independently…they sat together and read the short story , worked through the quizes and completed the revision exercise for the first chapter of the book which included topics on muscles and movement, exercise and your heart and the story of scurvy – very cheery! Completed with ease but had fun doing it!

In between this we made quiche for lunch, Wayne popped home to join us on his way to Cambridge which made a nice change!

After lunch, out came the Hama beads…again…Skye made a 3D Christmas tree complete with pressents! Both did some reading, early tea, then off to gym. Arrived a bit late and my co-coach did not turn up so ran the rec class almost on my own – there were two other girls there who were not much help really! Poppy worked really hard practising back flics on air track – such a shame she gave up! Wayne picked up Pops I went over to B-Squad to assist coaching in Skye’s group. Skye got her back walkover on the beam – clever thing – and practised her round off flics on air track beautifully! Just needs confidence to move them onto floor!

Back home, girls had a ‘sleep over’ in Poppy’s room – on a week night – honestly!!

I Googled a School Phobia article from the Daily Mail which Merry had told me about and cried over the comments……what am I like! I really dislike how some people are so judgemental over things they know nothing about!


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