Art attack…

Girls got up early this morning to make the most of Club Penguin – their membership expires today and they wanted to make sure their penguins were in the right outfit!!

Once breakfast was over we all sat down and worked through another chapter of the Letts World of Science workbook on Gases. Girls whizzed through this with no trouble at all. Whilst we were sitting working through the books with the sun flooding in behind us, Poppy was making shadows, closely followed by Skye…can you guess what it is yet??

Poppy's shadow snail

Skye's shadow bird

Skye's Shadow Puppet - dog

Girls had a little play around making more a play with shadow puppets, then it was time to head off to Merry’s.

When we arrived the girls all went into the dining room where Fran, Maddy and Amelie had set up art books and pencils. They all spent the next two hours sketching some lovely drawings.

Poppy's freehand drawing
This was Poppy’s horse which I think is absolutely fantastic!

Skye's freehand drawing
…Skye’s cat…

Skye's freehand drawing

and flowers…beautifully drawn!

It continues to amaze me just how artistic they are…i’m very proud.

After lunch the girls did some role play and dressed up in Victorian outfits whilst Merry and I played a game called Set which is described as ‘The family game of visual perception’. Loved this game and have borrowed it to play at home.

I read a lovely book to Josie and then read a story to her that Maddy had written which was lovely. Amelie then sat with us and read ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’ – I was amazed by her reading – fantastic use of expression and such confidence!

Skye, Fran and Josie went off to dancing with Merry whilst I stayed behind with Poppy, Amelie and Maddy who played together with the railway track then decided to chill out a bit and watch a Disney film.


Merry returned home with the girls and a supply of fimo for me to take away and I headed off home.

Before the girls went to bed we all had a game of Set – which started off with Skye saying she didn’t understand but then ended up winning! She decided she really loved this game! Funny that!!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Michelle
    Nov 24, 2009 @ 00:07:53

    Love the sketches! I must try and squeeze art back into our week.


  2. lecielrouge
    Nov 24, 2009 @ 07:43:05

    Thanks Michelle! We do art quite a lot especially at the moment whilst we’re ‘deschooling’!


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