Muddled Monday

Not our usual Monday – Merry and the girls are away this week and Wayne has the day off and has taken the opportunity to try to get our downstairs shower room tiled before Christmas as we have friends staying with us and it would be nice to have two bathrooms to share instead of one!! I had a training course booked in at work for a couple of hours so quite a muddled Monday!!

Poppy got up bright and early and continued with sewing beads onto her decoration. She then sat with me and did some literacy, working on regular and irregular verbs, plurals and homophones (uses of their, there and they’re and to, too and two) – happy to say she’s got the hang of this more often than not, chooses the right spelling :). Maths on Education City. She then went off to find something to ready – chose Cat in the Hat series of books. She used to love these books as a toddler but I can’t remember the last time she looked at them!

Skye was up quite late – still catching up on her sleep from Friday!! Eventually she managed to get started on some literacy, she looked at uses of apostrophes. EC – Maths excercises. Revisited Grid Club which she hasn’t looked at for a while and played some literacy games. They both looked at the Classic Story collection on Grid Club and listened to/watched A Christmas Carol from that.

Both did some mental maths, namely times tables, which we have nicknamed ‘Mummy’s Monday Mental Maths’ as it seems to be something we’ve done for the past 4 or 5 weeks! 🙂

We all sat down together for a quick pasta lunch. I had to go into work for a training course so left the girls sewing whilst Wayne carried on tiling the bathroom!

Course done, dashed home to collect Skye for dancing. Poppy came with me and bought her sewing along with her 🙂

Back home, girls did some dancing together, had tea, spent some time on Club Penguin then early to bed!


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  1. Merry
    Dec 04, 2009 @ 17:28:27

    We missed you on Monday too, even though we had a lovely trip away. Looking forward to seeing you.


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