Finding it hard…

Monday we agreed that it was best not to go to Merry’s – she wasn’t feeling herself and we had to interrupt our day to go into work for Christmas nibbles and to exchange Secret Santa gifts.

The girls have been so over excited about Christmas this year i think more than others….not sure whether being at home has made a difference. It’s really lovely to seem them so excited but on the other had we are getting very little ‘work’ done. I have been a little frustrated about it this week and finding it hard to deal with but I have plans for 2010!!

This morning they spent the best part of the morning making a ‘den’ in Skye’s bedroom and Poppy devised a password system on her ds – she tried to explain it to me but I couldn’t keep up! Before we headed off to work we had to do a post office run to despatch all the stuff I had sold on eBay! The girls love going to the office and had a great time mingling with my colleagues and being ‘Santa’s little helpers’ distributing all the Secret Santa pressies – I got a bottle of Baileys (which wasn’t Baileys) and Wayne got a mug that you can chalk onto! They decorated Wayne’s office with hideous decorations and made Christmas pictures which they stuck onto filing cabinets – lovely. They had a great time and loved the attention! Once lunch was over, before we took Skye dancing, we headed off to a charity shop to get rid of a huge amount of unwanted clothes, shoes and toys that I couldn’t be bothered to put onto eBay. All items were gratefully received.

Poppy spent the whole 45 minutes waiting for Skye to have her dance class doing her own dance routine, complete with walkovers and splits in the waiting room!! I really wish she would go back to gym or start dancing – she is really very good! Once Skye had finished, we popped to Wayne’s Mum’s for a cup of tea – Wayne was supposed to meet us there but got held up in Cambridge so went straight home instead. Desperately tried to get an idea of what Wayne’s Mum and brother would like for Christmas – they are the hardest people in the world to buy for and I really don’t want to spend my shopping day in Cambridge next week wandering aimlessly for something they might or might not like or need!! Anyway, got a couple of ideas which was good.

Once home Skye went onto Club Penguin – she is trying to upgrade her igloo and needs more coins!!

Early ish to bed for the girls whilst I did a bit of internet shopping!

Tuesday We have arranged to go over to Merry’s after lunch today. The girls started their morning with more Club Penguin! After breakfast Poppy decided she wanted to make a teddy bear. Had a quick look on the internet and eventually found a fairly straight forward bear that didn’t have moving joints and printed off the pattern. Poppy found an old pair of pjs and pinned out the pattern. At this point Skye walked into the kitchen and decided she wanted to make one too – so she went off to find herself an unwanted piece of clothing that she could hack into! I helped them trace around it as we needed to add our own seam line. They cut out the pieces and Skye decided that she would carry on with hers later but Poppy set to work stitching together its head.



After lunch we headed off to Merry’s where the girls had a lovely afternoon playing playmobil, watching Raymond Briggs’ The Snowman and Father Christmas whilst felting their own Snowman and Father Christmas


Poppy did the Snowman and Skye did the Father Christmas. I think they have done an amazing job. Thank you Merry for introducing us to this fantastic craft – we love it!!

Left Merry’s with Poppy, Skye and Fran to go to gym, dropping Skye off with Wayne at work. Coaching went well – had a really fun session being the last one before Christmas!

Got home and sat together to watch Jamie Oliver’s Christmas programme which was very entertaining even though he didn’t cook anything veggie!!

Sent girls off to bed and I blogged!!


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  1. Merry
    Dec 16, 2009 @ 06:27:29

    We watched Jamie too – he’s a bit too sickly for me. Language and effusiveness as well as food!!!

    Lovely day. And, be of good cheer, the good thing about tough deschooling times is there is always an end to them – at least you can content yourself they are being normal!!!!


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