Nos amis arrivent de France … à suivre

Ok, I admit, I had to use google translator for this title…‘our friends arrive from france…eventually’ – (Sorry Nicki!!)

Due to the heavy snow fall our friends arrival from France was somewhat delayed, so after hours of Skye and Poppy asking if they are nearly here, they arrived!! It was lovely to see them again – its become somewhat of a tradition for them to stay with us a few days before Christmas, en route to stay with their family.

We sat down for a leisurely lunch and had a good catch up – the girls played beautifully – as if they had only seen each other days ago, the reality being it was almost a year ago!!

We had a lovely walk in the snow…so Christmassey!!



Love this photo…


After a lovely evening meal together, we ventured out again for a walk round the village and ended up at the church for the carol service, we all got a fit of the giggles and the girls were all very tired so snuck out of the service after a couple of carols and headed home….After exchanging Christmas pressies, settled the girls into bed and the adults relaxed with a couple of drinks and more chat before heading off to bed ourselves, exhausted!

Wayne headed off to work the next morning and our friends left at around 9am to continue their Christmas celebrations with their family.

It was lovely having them to stay, only wished they had stayed longer! There is always next year!! 🙂

A bientot!


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