Blogging the backlog!

I have so many days to blog from way back so I thought i’d condense into one big one so apologies if its a bit higgledy piggledy!! I have tried to include lots of photos to make it more interesting!

September 2009 – One sunny afternoon at the beginning of Septmber, the girls and I headed off to the park for the ‘Not Back to School Picnic’ and had a fantastic afternoon. Several families attended, most of which I had never met before, all with their own reasons and philosophies for home educating – it was really nice to gather advice and listen to how other families home educate their own children. The girls were made to feel so welcome and all the children played together as one big group! Lots of bubbles were being blown with lots of laughing, running and playing thrown in. We all had a lovely day.

July 09-Sept 09 361

July 09-Sept 09 350

Continuing with our Celtic theme, the girls decided they wanted to make some Celtic warrior helmets. (Can’t find photos at the moment but will add them in when I come across them!)

They also made their own ’roundhouse’ in the garden which was a very messy experience!

July 09-Sept 09 284

Making  a roundhouse

July 09-Sept 09 288

July 09-Sept 09 287

After making the base for their roundhouse, they collected leaves and constructed the roof…

July 09-Sept 09 293

Tied in nicely with our visit to the Iceni Village at Swaffham where they could see a full size construction of a roundhouse as well as a scaled down model…

July 09-Sept 09 305

Lots of baking, following recipes, adjusting quantities, experimenting with alternative ingredients when we didn’t have what was required!!

Following a recipe

Making biscuits

Making biscuits

Skye did lots of reading, especially Horrible Histories. They both also watched the whole series, sometimes 2 or 3 episodes at a time – such a great series and they really do learn from it!

Lots of EC, Grid Club and Club Penguin! The girls love to use Pivot Stick Figure Animation (will try to add some examples soon!)

They also did some card making with beautiful results, so impressive that they actually sold all the cards they made and have been asked to supply more!

July 09-Sept 09 279

July 09-Sept 09 282

Some examples of their finished cards…

July 09-Sept 09 275

July 09-Sept 09 274

Poppy also tried her hand at a spot of hairdressing….

July 09-Sept 09 326

October 2009 – More EC, Grid Club and Club penguin. Lots more baking, art and craft, letter writing and reading. Skye and I worked on fractions which apparently were too difficult and she could never understand them at school and so would never be able to understand them now – however 1:1, and 45 minutes later she had mastered it and went off to work out some fractions problems! Phew!!

Skye had a gym competition and did us proud. She was so nervous about it and spent the best part of the morning in tears insisting that she wasn’t going to go. However, she managed to calm herself down and gave it her best achieving a gold on beam and bronze overall!! She was proud of her own achievement but not enough to encourage her to stick at it – she has decided to move into dance and give up gymnastics. Quite sad as she is very good at it and has been doing it since she was 4!! But, if she’s not happy to carry on then its best she finishes on a high!

Sept and Oct 09 Paris and Home Ed 255

Our little superstar…

Sept and Oct 09 Paris and Home Ed 237

November 2009 – More EC etc……
Lots of art and craft…Poppy used art books from the library to brush up on her drawing techniques…

Sept and Oct 09 Paris and Home Ed 272

Sept and Oct 09 Paris and Home Ed 273

…Skye used CD covers for her inspiration!!…



Bonfire Night – the girls used the internet to refresh on what they know about the Gunpowder plot and found some great websites packed with information.

Later in the evening, despite the rain, we walked round to our friends for drinks in their ‘summer house’ whilst the children stood outside with sparklers! Watched the village firework display from their garden, in the rain! More sparklers then back home!

Bonfire night 09

Bonfire Night 2009

More baking…the girls experimented by making meringues for the first time, they were actually very good!

Carefully adding the sugar, whilst frantically whisking…
Whisking meringues - hard work!

The finished product which we took to my Mum and Dads and had for pudding with raspberries and cream – YUM!

Making meringues

Preparing for Christmas – the girls wrote out their letters to Santa.

December 2009 – Taken up mostly by Christmas themed art and craft, most of which has been blogged separately. Some of the things we did were;

Christmas Card Making – using watercolour pencils.

Wrapping paper

Fimo Decorations
Skye's gingerbread man decoration

Poppy's fimo Christmas tree decoration

Skye's fimo angel

Skye gave her fimo angel to my Auntie for Christmas and she loved is so much that she has asked her to make a whole Nativity to decorate a Christmas cake next year!! Note to Merry – might need to send Skye to you for a Fimo masterclass!!! 🙂

Christmas Cake – Poppy made our Christmas cake completely by herself, she also made two mini cakes, one for our neighbour and another for a friend of my Mum’s who takes the girls dog walking.

Christmas Pudding – The Christmas Pudding was so delicious that the girls have had orders for at least two next Christmas!
Dec 2009 Gym comp and Christmas 140

Wreath – An order for two extra wreaths next year!


Sewing – Skye made a lovely decoration for her Nana made from felt and stuffed with rice and cloves – smells lovely!

Christingle Candles – see below

Photography – took some lovely scenic photos round the village – it was our intention to enter them into a local photography competition but didn’t get round to it quick enough which is a shame as they took some lovely ones.

Dec 2009 Gym comp and Christmas 031

Dec 2009 Gym comp and Christmas 020

Dec 2009 Gym comp and Christmas 019

Christingle Service 2009 – We made our way to the local church, for what I believe is the best church service of the year. The girls had prepared their own Christingle candles. It was quite odd for them I think as this service is led by the local school children and this being our first Christmas home educating, meant that they were onlookers – I can honestly say, they had the most smiley faces of all the children in church! 🙂


Well I think that about sums up the last 2 or 3 months!! The conclusion being that we are going to have to start crafting earlier next year to make sure we can fit everything in! (Oh, and that I need to get better at blogging!!)


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