Last week

Monday – had a busy day of maths and literacy. Skye sat a mock Maths test, not something she was keen to do but we decided it would be a good way to gauge which areas of maths she needed to work on. We didn’t treat it as a test, we dismissed the time limit (45 minutes) but she actually completed within this time. She was determined to answer the questions on her own, which she did except 2. We sat together and went through the paper and discussed the ones she got wrong or missed out.

Poppy did some more work converting decimals to fractions from the Singapore Maths and also completed an exercise on Suffixes from CGP.

We have a hectic day planned tomorrow so the girls helped out and prepared tomorrow’s tea – Bombay Potatoes!

Tuesday – Girls spent the morning with my Mum as I had to go into work for a training course. I met the girls and my Mum in town shortly after lunch, popped to the bank the went home for a quick change ready for gym. Skye was very excited as she was due to have her first guitar lesson. So, had a very early tea – thank you Skye and Pops Bombay potatoes were delicious – and left the house. Arrived at my cousin’s house and were greeted by his wife who knew nothing about Skye’s guitar lesson and in fact my cousin was working overtime!! Skye was so disappointed 😦 After a quick cup of tea, left and went to drop Skye off with Wayne and Poppy and I went to gym.

Race Night at Scouts – Parents were invited to spectate so Poppy and I went straight to the hall after gym and met Wayne and Skye there. There was a huge track set up and lots of competitive Scouts waiting for the races to start. Skye’s car was in the first race but unfortunately came last! She did make the finals though….the slowest 6!!….and came first! Woo hoo!! She had a great night, all the girls saw it as a bit of fun, the boys however were SOOOO competitive!!

Wednesday – Took Poppy to the doctors this morning – she has a horrible, red, itch rash on her neck and face. They concluded that it was probably an allergy as she shows no signs of being unwell, just uncomfortable! Gave her some cream to use for a couple of days.

They spent the rest of the morning being creative. They were entering a colouring competition organised by our employer. The girls have entered it for the past 4 years and have so far either won or come second! They both put lots of effort into these entries so fingers crossed they do well. It was a bit of a glitter explosion in our house!!

After lunch the girls made brownies then went on Grid Club – worked together on something that involved making up a story – I was busy making blueberry muffins but I could hear lots of giggling and lots of story telling so I guess they had fun!

Both did some reading and Club Penguin! Poppy and I had a game of Yahtzee – really good for mental maths – must play this more often!

Girls went up to bed quite early so they could link up on their ds’ for a while.

We took delivery of a laptop today so Wayne and I spent most of the evening trying to set it up!

Thursday Dropped the girls at my Mums on the way to work. They had a very enjoyable day. Lots of art and craft and dog walking!

FridayWayne and the girls did lots of maths and reading, did a Tesco shop – the girls bought themselves some more Sylvanian stuff.

Saturday Pottered about in the morning then popped out to get my Dad a birthday pressie. On the way home we had a quick look round Woodgreen and Wayne took a shine to a very sweet dog called Whisper – I think he would have taken him there and then if he could!! Cooked tempura vegetables and a Thai green curry for tea which was delicious. Girls couldn’t believe their luck getting a starter, main course AND a pudding!! 🙂

Girls played on Club Penguin, Sylvanians amongst other things.

Poppy’s rash seems to have gone down – we think it may have been an allergy to her new scarf, especially since Skye has also worn it and now she has the same rash, although not as severe as Poppy’s!

Sunday Had a family discussion about our forthcoming Summer holiday – we have a ferry booked for France but were trying to decide on a campsite in the South of France. Finally found one that we all liked the look of so will get it booked tomorrow! After lunch we all snuggled down to watch a dvd.

Wayne took the girls swimming – something they have been desperate to do for a while so were very excited!! They got home and we all sat down for dinner. Later in the evening we watched dancing on ice (inspired – Poppy was bending herself into all sorts of shapes)! The girls made little animals out of blu-tac (as you do) then went to bed!


A lovely weekend

Saturday – Busy day today. Went to the cinema this morning to see Fantastic Mr Fox – brilliant movie!

Popped into Tesco on the way home to pick up a dessert and some wine as Wayne and I are going round a friends for dinner tonight. Got home, had lunch and Skye got to work on drawing the design for her racing car that she needs for Scouts on Tuesday. Used the internet to look at some examples of styles of car she could draw. Found one she liked and adapted it to make it her own. Once she’d drawn it out, she traced over it, cut out the tracing and then transferred it onto her block of wood.



Phoned Papa to ask if he could cut it out for her so off we went. She showed Papa her design and after making a couple of adjustments, Skye and Papa went into…


and set to work measuring, cutting, sanding and chiselling…a very noisy business!




Once she was happy with the shape of her car, we took Mum and Dad’s neighbours dog Merlyn for a walk…


Then headed home to paint and decorate Skye’s car. She chose a ‘flower power’ theme and began by painting it gold, then adding some glitter and flowers to it. Even managed to find a playmobil ‘driver’!


Once the paint was dry, she added the wheels – with a little help from Daddy 🙂



Car and driver are now ready for the big race on Tuesday!

Meanwhile, Poppy spent some time on Club Penguin and played with her toy dogs – dressing them up and making beds for them.



Made dinner for the girls, they had a bath, Mum and Dad arrived to look after the girls and Wayne and I went round to our friend S & D’s and had a very enjoyable evening. Lovely food, lovely company and a very competitive game of boys v girls Trivial Pursuit! Prefer not to mention who won……….there’s always next time!

Sunday – All got up very late! Pottered around for most of the morning, girls went on Club Penguin and played the wii. After lunch we popped into town as Poppy has some birthday money left to spend. We went for a lovely walk round Ferry Meadows – lost our ball in the lake within 30 seconds of kicking it around so the girls had a play on the adventure park!



Skye did a bit of bar practice…


Poppy had a paddle…


Once home, Poppy helped me prepare dinner whilst Skye went on Club Penguin. All had tea, watched some Sunday night TV then the girls went up to bed.

I blogged, Wayne watched some sport on TV.

What a lovely week 🙂


I left for early for work leaving the Wayne and the girls still asleep!

When I arrived home, they had made a curry for tea and we all sat down and they told me about their day.

They had used this kit that Poppy got for Christmas


to make their own avalanche….


and mudslide…



they loved it – this kit got a big thumbs up from the girls!


They told me for the snow they used ‘snowflakes’ that were supplied with the kit and added a little bit of water to them to make dry powdery snow which falls down in lumps of snow, a bit like snowballs. Then they then added a little more water to make slushy snow. For the mudslide they used balsamic vinegar mixed with bicarbonate of soda. It was quite funny – I got a call from Wayne whilst I was at work to ask whether we had any balsamic vinegar, to which I replied oohhh what are you making – something nice? – thinking he was preparing an extravagant meal but then he told me they were doing science experiments!!

There were some fun questions to answer and the girls successfully predicted where the avalaches and mudslides would slide to.

They also had a look at Skye’s Chemistry set but were unable to carry out any real experiments as there were some things required that we didn’t have but had fun looking at the contents of the kit and mixing liquids in the test tubes. Will try to do it properly with them next week.


Photo take by Poppy with her new camera 🙂

After tea, Wayne and Poppy took Skye to her new dance classes, Musical Theatre and Freestyle which she loved and couldn’t wait to show me some of the moves she had been learning!


I stayed at home to do the housework – lucky me!

By the time they got home it was fairly late so the girls had a quick drink before going to bed.

A day with Nanny

Had to drag the girls out of bed this morning as Wayne and I had to go to work and they were going to spend the day with Wayne’s Mum for a change 🙂 Sent them with some reading, space lapbook, ds and Sylvanian families.

Had a busy day at work – Wayne’s Mum had very kindly cooked us tea so we spent a couple of hours there after work then headed home.

Girls had a lovely day, went for a walk, played on the wii, Club Penguin (they like going on CP at Nanny’s house as there are two computers there so they can visit each other!), also played with Sylvanians. Were pretty tired when we got home and so went straight to bed.

I’m back to work in the morning but Wayne and the girls have lots planned – Skye has got to make a racing car for Scouts. They have been supplied a kit which consists of a block of wood, wheels and axles and need to design and make their own car to be raced at next weeks meeting. I think we may have to bring my Dad in for this one!

I’m hoping that they will do some baking too – we are out of cakes and biscuits!

They also want to finish their Space lapbook too so we can get on with another project next week.

……how sweet – I have a black bin bag full of the girls dressing up clothes that no longer fit them next to me in the study and one of our cats, Oscar, had just climbed into it and gone to sleep!

Almost mid January and still up to date with my blog!

Poppy and I were up about an hour before Skye this morning so we had breakfast and did some work from one of the Singapore Maths (Book 4B) that Merry let us borrow. Worked on Decimals and converting fractions to decimals – seemed to grasp this concept pretty easily. We didn’t write anything down, just went through a few exercises verbally in the book.

Once Skye had her breakfast and then she also did some work from the Singapore Maths book – using the same book (4B) as Poppy, basically so we can get a better idea of what she can and can’t do. Worked very competently through exercises about volume.

Poppy did lots more reading and then both worked on their Space lapbook – Skye did lots of research on the internet about animals in space and planet facts. Poppy made a fantastic rocket from her paper-folding book to incorporate into the lapbook.

Space Lapbook

Space lapbook

After lunch both girls played Animal Crossing on the wii. The plan was that we would all make pizza for tea but the girls got involved looking at the Beadwork book and started to create something from it so I was left to make pizza on my own 😦 – although the girls did add their own toppings.

Completely out of the blue, Skye asked what the Domesday Book was! I suggested she look it up in one of her History reference books. Unfortunately we were just about to leave the house and forgot all about it by the time we got home, but will remind her in the morning. Not often Skye asks a question like that – I have no idea where it came from! Hopefully the first of many!

Took Poppy to horse riding – she rode Magic but didn’t have a great session as she said she felt unwell and I had to walk round the arena with her. I have a feeling she is still a bit wobbly about being thrown off last week.

Got home and cooked our prepared pizza, which was delicious! Never made it from scratch before – so easy – will definitely do it again! 🙂

When Wayne and I were going through the programmes we had recorded, I noticed the final part of Victorian Farm Christmas that I hadn’t realised we had recorded was there so the girls and I watched that.

Girls went to bed and joined up on their ds’ for a bit. Wayne watched football, I blogged and did some work for my Dad.

Back to work tomorrow – I don’t know where the time goes!!


This morning was Wayne’s Grandad’s funeral – the girls spent the morning with my Mum and Wayne and I went to the Crematorium. It was a lovely service – we haven’t seen Wayne’s Dads side of the family for many, many years so it was a chance to catch up on things.

Wayne had to go back to work afterwards so picked up the girls and they spent the afternoon playing with Sylvanian families, Animal Crossing on the wii and working on their Space lapbook.

After a quick tea we dropped Skye with my Dad who was going to take her to Scouts – her first session and she was very excited. Poppy and I went to gym. Finally they seem to have sorted out extra coaches to help me out – today there were 3 of us between 14 children – much better! 🙂

When Poppy and I got back home, we looked at some lovely new books she had been given for her birthday. They are Steb-by-Step books on Beadwork, Collage, Creative Lettering, Decorative Painting, Handmade Cards, Printing, Mosaics, Origami, Paper-folding and Papier Mache! They are full of lovely craft ideas – Poppy made a start by making herself a paper hat! 🙂 We will definitely get lots of use out of these books.

Picked Skye up from Scouts – she had a great time – said it was quite boisterous but she loved it!

Wayne, who had been to the cinema to see ‘The Road’ which apparently was pretty gruesome, and arrived home shortly after we did. Girls went up to bed and Wayne and I watched some of the programmes we had recorded to free up some memory – down to 2%!!

Spaced out

This morning the girls got up and immediately started a new lapbook on Space! They worked on it together and so far have made a very good start. Lovely front cover and have been busy researching on the internet details of the planets. Have recorded astrology mythology for each of the planets on flashcards together with a picture of the planet – also going to add some planet facts to the cards.

Space lapbook

They used a lapbook planner found on the internet to record details of sub-topic, where they were finding the information ie internet, books and how they were going to record the information ie style of minibook.

Skye found pictures of the planets on the internet and copied them into a word document for printing and also copied information about the planets into Word so she and Poppy could extract information from it to make their flash cards.

After lunch we made our way to Merry’s. The girls had a great time playing ‘shops’ until we had to leave to go to dancing. After dancing, dropped off Fran and Josie then the we called into H&M as Poppy had received a voucher for her birthday. She bought herself a little bag and some hair clips.

Arrived home quite late, had tea, the girls played with Sylvanian Families, including Poppy’s latest additions, the Grey Rabbit Family which Merry and Co gave her for her birthday. Watched Harry Hill and then to bed.

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