Christmas 2009

The week leading up to Christmas has been rather hectic (but in a nice way), with our family party and friends staying.

Tuesday the girls and I dropped Wayne off at work and then went to do our Christmas shopping. I was quite surprised that we managed to get it finished in about 5 hours!!

The girls and I picked up chips from the chip shop and ate them in the car before picking Wayne up from work at around 4 ish.

Arrived home exhausted and snuggled up in front of the TV with Wayne and the girls to watch whatever was on that was Christmassey!!

I have food shopping and Christmas present wrapping to look forward to in the morning! Woo hoo!!

Wednesday I got up at 5am and was in Tesco by 5.40am!! I am quite an early bird anyway and love getting up and about early – maybe not quite this early but it was worth it! It was so quiet! I had arranged for the girls to go to my Mum and Dads for the morning whilst I wrapped Christmas pressies. I arrived home at around 7.30am, packed away the shopping and got stuck into wrapping – ran out of tape so had to dash to the local post office to re-stock which was a pain! Anyway, finally finished wrapping at around 2pm and went to pick up the girls. They had a great time walking dogs in the snow!

We had decided to go to the Cinema to watch A Christmas Carol – a PG film – we lasted 10 minutes before having to walk out because it was too scary – even for me!! The staff were very good and gave us a full refund however, Wayne and I agreed that there was no way we could go home and expect the girls to go to bed having seen some very ugly scary looking ghosts so we went to watch Planet 51. Wayne fell asleep but the girls and I quite enjoyed it!

By the time we got home, we were all ready to go to bed. All except Wayne who had his power nap in the cinema!

Christmas Eve unfortunately I had to go into work until 4pm so Wayne and the girls spent most of the day watching Christmas films – although he very kindly prepared all the veg ready for Christmas Dinner 🙂

It has become quite a tradition for us to meet up with our friends and take a walk around the village – the children like to judge the Christmas lights giving them marks out of 10! It was so lovely especially as it was very snowy – and very slippery!

After our walk, the girls set out milk and cookies for Santa, an apple for Rudolph and sprinkled reindeer food with sparkly bits in on the front garden to guide Santa to our house! Checked Norad Santa to see where he was in the world….I thought only a couple of hours away so suggested they get to bed quick!

First Skye couldn’t get to sleep and then she did and Poppy woke up wanting to know where Santa was so checked Norad Santa – he was in Spain – then she woke Skye up and then neither of them could get to sleep so Wayne went to lay with one and then the other and fell asleep himself – typical!! I finally got to bed at around 1.45am and we were woken at 5am by two rather excited little girls!!

After our rather early alarm call, the girls opened the contents of the Christmas stocking and got some lovely little gifts. We managed to keep them upstairs until about 5.45am but it all got too much and we all ventured downstairs…I was almost moved to tears when Poppy saw the presents left by Santa, her face lit up and she told us that she really didn’t think that she would get much this year as she has not been very good (referring to the problems we had earlier in the year which prompted us to home ed). Reassured her that she has been very good and we are very proud of both her and Skye and are pleased that we do what we do. Bless x

Dec 2009 Gym comp and Christmas 110

They got some lovely presents from Santa – Sylvanian Families, Playmobil, each of them got an iPod nano, fimo, games, jigsaw, pjs.

Dec 2009 Gym comp and Christmas 114

Dec 2009 Gym comp and Christmas 117

They also got some other great presents from friends and family including a Wii (Skye shrieked when she opened it), sewing machine, screen printing kit, chemistry set, clothes, books, cds. club penguin membership…

My Mum and Dad arrived with Wayne’s Mum and brother and we all sat down to a lovely Christmas dinner.

Including the cats….

Dec 2009 Gym comp and Christmas 121

Wayne’s Mum kindly bought turkey for herself, my Dad and brother-in-law as the rest of us are vegetarian. The cats (only one pictured above) thought all their Christmases and birthday’s had come at once!!

Poppy’s Christmas pudding was the best we have ever tasted.
– we will definitely be making it again next year.

After more present exchanges, our families headed home and we had the evening to relax with the girls having a look at some of the fantastic gifts they had received. They were absolutely thrilled with everything they got but spent most of the day playing with Sylvanian Families and Playmobil.

A great day was had by all, the girls went to be at a reasonable hour – through exhaustion I think!!


Boxing Day
Wayne’s brother called with some bad news in the morning – their Grandad died on Christmas day.

We spent today with friends, they came to us for lunch and then we went to their house for tea, played games, drank wine, children laughed and played happily for hours. Another lovely day.

Sunday We along with my sister and her husband went to Mum and Dads and had another ‘Christmas Day’ – lots of food, presents, love, laughter and smiles.

Monday Spent the morning at home watching films and playing on the wii – bowling challenge! In the afternoon we went over to Wayne’s Mums for tea which was lovely. My Mum and Dad went along too and the girls went back home with them for a sleep over!

Tuesday Wayne was back to work, the girls were at Mum and Dads so I spent the morning doing housework and tidying up. Picked the girls up around 12.30pm and took them to do a bit of Sale shopping as we had a couple of thing to exchange and they had some Christmas money they wanted to spend. Picked Wayne up from work and went to our friends for dinner – which was absolutely lovely. We haven’t seen them for so long and they really are great friends. More present exchanging and more laughter, hugs and smiles. Then home.

Wednesday Had to drop Wayne off to work as he had left his car there last night. Back home, pottered around not doing much of anything. The girls and I played wii games, started a jigsaw, they played Sylvanian Families and Playmobil. Basically had a relaxing day

New Years Eve I was back into work so Wayne and the girls had another lazy day. No plans to do anything in the evening – just a quiet night in – fabulous!

New Years Day HAPPY NEW YEAR !
Spent the morning having a bit of a sort out of the playroom to accomodate all the new things they received from Christmas! The girls ordered some wii games from Argos so we popped into Cambridge after lunch to pick them up. Had a little look around the shops. Home for tea and a snuggle on the sofa watching whatever was on TV!

Saturday – My birthday 🙂 The girls and Wayne made me breakfast in bed which was a real treat! Opened my cards and pressies. I made some dinky doughnuts with the doughnut maker we got for Christmas. Mum and Dad turned up with Merlyn (the cute dog they are looking after) and stayed for a coffee, my Auntie turned up with a card and stayed for a chat too which was nice. Later in the afternoon our friends turned up with present and cake and stayed for a couple of hours. I had a lovely day – thank you Wayne, Skye and Poppy – I love you all xx

Sunday Finished sorting out the playroom, which took quite a while!! Wayne and Poppy went food shopping. Discussed about the possibility of getting a dog next year – the girls then spent the next hour or so hunting for rescue dogs on the internet!!

So that’s that, I think I’ve finally blogged up to date!! Just need to keep on top of it! 🙂

A lovely photo to end this post on…



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