Gently does it

We decided that today was the day we were going to try to get back to some kind of routine after the Christmas break.

As soon as she had finished breakfast, Skye sat down to the Simpsons jigsaw, not a fan of the Simpsons but the jigsaw is good fun to do – I think almost every visitor to the house has had a go at it! My Dad spent a whole hour doing it and had to be dragged away!! Whilst Skye was busy with the jigsaw Poppy and I took down the Christmas tree and decorations – the house looks so bare!!

Both girls got back to doing some mental maths and writing out times tables. Poppy also made her birthday invites – its her birthday on Sunday and has decided to invite a couple of her friends she had at school over for a sleepover on Friday and then a trip to the cinema on Saturday morning. I am pleased that she has kept a couple of special friends from school, its lovely that they just pick up where they left off and play so well together.

Poppy has set herself a challenge to read two books by the end of January so sat quietly reading Amelia Jane is Naughty Again.

We have been discussing the possibility of getting a dog but not until next year and stupidly mentioned it to them! The girls have spent hours and hours dog walking recently – my parents are currently looking after their neighbours cockapoo (who is adorable), our friends visited from France with their dog. Talk about it alone, has been enough to get the girls ooohhing and ahhhing at any that walk past the window or that they see in papers, books and on TV!! Its going to be a long year!!

So, in keeping with the dog theme, Poppy and Skye started another jigsaw – this one has 1000 pieces and is full of puppies – very cute but proving to be a bit more of a challenge so we all sat together to get it started.

They then sat together with a book about animals which has some quizzes and questions in and did that together for quite a while.

I suggested that they have a look at the bookshelf to choose a book that we could look at together they selected one on the Incas which Poppy got for Christmas. After reading some of the book, found it to be full of words but lacking in direct information – quite detailed and complicated in parts and unfortunately lost their enthusiasm. Had some nice colourful photos and bold pictures though so had a flick through to look at those and I condensed a lot of what was written into short brief descriptions. Might go back to look at the Incas and perhaps have a go at lapbooking an Inca project.

We all had a go on the wii – Skye and I each did a fitness test – I had all tennis type tests and made an abismal effort giving me a training age of 76!! Would like to point out that yesterdays went much better and I came out at 36 🙂

Threw together a quick curry for tea and Wayne arrived home around 6pm so all sat down together.

Skye played on her DS whilst Poppy and I did a bit more of the jigsaw.

Then we all snuggled on the sofa to watch Ingenious which was a CBBC film on over Christmas that we had recorded. Magical adventure type – I think i dozed off twice but the girls seemed to enjoy it!

By the time that had finished it was time for the girls to go to bed – 10 minutes reading with Pops and left Skye reading the Guinness Book of Records 2010. When I popped in to kiss her goodnight, she showed me some rather gruesome part of it that she was reading and I suggested she look at something a little more cheery before she goes to bed and she agreed!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Merry
    Jan 04, 2010 @ 21:15:53

    Blimey, i have loads to catch up reading. See you soon!


  2. lecielrouge
    Jan 04, 2010 @ 22:26:43

    I’m afraid so!! It needed to be done – I sat up until almost 2am last night trying to catch up! Never again…I really am going to keep on top of it. Can’t wait to see you all again!


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