Horsing around

Promised the girls a visit to Woodgreen Animal Shelter on the way to Poppy’s horse riding this afternoon and so were keen to get working. Both did maths challenges on Grid Club and I also set them both a times table quiz – both got 100%! We all had another 20 minutes or so on the Puppy jigsaw – it’s so tricky but hopefully we will finish it before the end of the month!! The challenge is on!

Poppy and I were watching the birds in the garden, hunting trees for insects and berries and decided that we really should make bird feeders which we did using suet, seeds, nuts and raisins. Used netting from the kiwi packaging and tied with ribbon. Poppy then went out into the snow filled garden to hang them in the trees where we had seen the birds hunting the most. Hopefully this will attract many more hungry little birds 🙂



Poppy did some sewing with the sewing machine to make miniature cushion!


Skye used Pivot Stick Animation and then I helped her transfer it onto Windows video player so she could put some music to it which worked brilliantly – although I have no idea how to attach it to our blog!


Both did some reading, played with Playmobil and Sylvanian families.

After lunch, wrapped up warm to visit Woodgreen. There were some very cute dogs and one in particular caught the girls eye, a little 7 month old terrier called Josh! They would have quite happily taken him home there and then so I had to explain again that it will be at least a year before we could even consider getting a dog and they understand that but insisted I take a photo to show Daddy 🙂



It does make me sad but I know they are well looked after – the staff do a great job to make their time here as happy as possible whilst they are waiting to be rehomed.

When we got to the riding school, Poppy was told she was riding Abbi – on the way there she had said ‘I hope I don’t get Abbi, she’s such a naughty pony!’. Anyway, she took the news fairly well but looked a little disappointed. Poppy got herself onto Abbi and all was going well. The phone was ringing and with no-one around, I answered on behalf of Andrea (the riding school owner who was taking Poppy’s class) and when I went back to the arena Skye said ‘why is Abbi walking round on her own?’ – then I heard Poppy cry :(. Apparently Abbi had taken Poppy by surprise and threw her head down to sniff the ground or something and Poppy was thrown over the top of her onto the arena floor! She didn’t seem to be injured but just shocked although she said she had hurt her hip and later she complained that her wrist was sore. She VERY reluctantly, with lots of encouragement from me, got back onto Abbi and I walked round the arena with her. Her confidence grew again and she handled her well and did a lovely trot! I continued to encourage and praise – I am so proud of her – she was very brave. Well done Poppy :). At the end of the session, Andrea said she could have her pick of the pony she wanted to ride next week and chose Magic. Left her lesson very cold but with a smile 🙂

Got home and the girls snuggled up in their pjs to warm up, Wayne arrived home and we had tea. They told him all about Josh the puppy and Poppy’s traumatic riding lesson and about everything else they had done today.

Had a phone call from my sister to say that my nephew is getting married in October 2011 – very exciting – the girls have been desperate to go to a wedding, not sure why – I think they secretly want to be bridesmaids – won’t be at this one but they live in hope! 🙂

Both went to bed a little earlier than usual as they were both very keen to read before they went to sleep.

I have finally booked in guitar lessons for Skye with my cousin so she will be pleased in the morning!

Work tomorrow so trying to get to bed before midnight!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Merry
    Jan 07, 2010 @ 07:55:40

    Ick to the horse stuff – well done to her for getting back on again. And woohoo to guitar 🙂 Maddy has apparently decided to carry on guitar only until she grows out of her one. Not telling her that will be quite a while – lol.

    Getting a youtube account works well for animations etc. Must sort all that out for Maddy actually. Still haven’t dug the office out far enough to get organised with using the big computer for it!


  2. lecielrouge
    Jan 07, 2010 @ 09:46:13

    Thanks for the advice re YouTube – will have a look at that.

    Maybe Maddy could help Skye with her guitar when Skye has the basics – might encourage her to keep it up if she has someone to practice with??


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