Passion for fashion

Working day for both Wayne and I, so dropped the girls at my Mums for the day. We have agreed that they would keep a ‘diary’ which they would fill in once or twice a week with a summary of their week or something that they particularly enjoyed that week. Both girls wrote about their trip to Woodgreen! Surprise! Skye included a little more detail than Poppy but getting Poppy writing is quite an achievement in itself, although I must say their work was very neat – the both have lovely handwriting 🙂 They also made Wayne and I some things out of Hama beads…




After leaving work, Wayne and I had to go to Tescos for birthday bits and to pick up some spare wii remotes from Wayne’s brother for Poppy’s party as she has a new multiplayer game called ‘Its my Birthday’ that she wants to play with her friends. Arrived at Mum and Dad’s and they were watching Project Runway, which we have never seen before – so we stayed for a cup of tea to watch the end of that which was very interesting. Basically a group of fashion designers each had to compete to make the best outfit from items purchased from a grocery store, spending a limited amount of money – some of the ideas were very innovative and creative – others weren’t!. We finally arrived home at around 8.30pm – Skye had received a Project Runway fashion design book for Christmas where you could draw in your own fashion designs on a pre-printed pad of models and so she wanted to go to bed and do some designing before she went to sleep. I had a look at the 4 designs she had come up with and they are very creative – she has even specified what sort of fabric each part of the outfit would be made of. I think it would be quite fun if we could have go at reproducing one of her designs – now that we have a sewing machine!

Once the girls were in bed, I made brownies and doughnuts for Poppy’s party and to take to work tomorrow (belated birthday celebration cakes)! Finally finished baking at around 11pm! House smells yummy though! 🙂


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