Party Time!

I had to work today so left Wayne in charge of birthday preparations – making macaroni cheese, blowing up balloons and hanging banners. He did well 🙂 The girls prepared pass the parcel and sorted out some cds that they wanted to play at the party. The cake that my Auntie has made Poppy is lovely and Poppy is thrilled with it…


I managed to arrive home before Poppy’s guests turned up to check all was in order – which it was. Within 5 minutes of me arriving home, Poppy’s friend A arrived, followed by I and C (Skye’s best friend from school) and finally I. All girls went into the lounge to play the wii before I called them all in for dinner. Had a chat about what they have been up to at school and they asked Skye and Poppy what they have been doing – not a great deal today I might add! I think excitement got the better of them! Dinner went down well – not a thing left – apart from some veg! Sang ‘Happy Birthday’ but did not cut the cake – saving it for Poppy’s actual birthday on Sunday!

Poppys 9th birthday party 008

Girls didn’t fancy playing the wii so they did Pass the Parcel, quite funny that they only did 4 layers so that was all over with quite quickly! Played other traditional party games – musical bumps, musical statues. Skye and C went off to Youth Club – Poppy, I, A and I played with Playmobil and Sylvanian Families. Then switched to playing role playing games – shortly after they were joined by Skye and C and then it started to get louder and out of control so I had to make them get their pjs on and watch a DVD. I made them some popcorn and they all snuggled in the spare room to watch Hairspray. Did have one little fall out – Skye’s friend C had bought chocolate for her and Skye and was not sharing with the others – soon sorted out their differences and all was quite again. Once the film had finished they all cleaned their teeth and settled down into bed which by this time was gone 11pm – could still hear them chatting at 11.30pm so went up to find them all playing on their ds’s – reminded them that they need to be thinking about going to sleep pretty soon! There are going to be some tired, grumpy girls tomorrow – we need to be up early, going to the local Cineworld to see ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’, which none of the girls have seen.

Packed up all their goody bags and drinks ready for the morning and am going to head off to bed myself so I can make sure I am around to organise ‘operation cereal’ in the morning!!

…..almost midnight and they are still awake!


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