Spaced out

This morning the girls got up and immediately started a new lapbook on Space! They worked on it together and so far have made a very good start. Lovely front cover and have been busy researching on the internet details of the planets. Have recorded astrology mythology for each of the planets on flashcards together with a picture of the planet – also going to add some planet facts to the cards.

Space lapbook

They used a lapbook planner found on the internet to record details of sub-topic, where they were finding the information ie internet, books and how they were going to record the information ie style of minibook.

Skye found pictures of the planets on the internet and copied them into a word document for printing and also copied information about the planets into Word so she and Poppy could extract information from it to make their flash cards.

After lunch we made our way to Merry’s. The girls had a great time playing ‘shops’ until we had to leave to go to dancing. After dancing, dropped off Fran and Josie then the we called into H&M as Poppy had received a voucher for her birthday. She bought herself a little bag and some hair clips.

Arrived home quite late, had tea, the girls played with Sylvanian Families, including Poppy’s latest additions, the Grey Rabbit Family which Merry and Co gave her for her birthday. Watched Harry Hill and then to bed.


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