This morning was Wayne’s Grandad’s funeral – the girls spent the morning with my Mum and Wayne and I went to the Crematorium. It was a lovely service – we haven’t seen Wayne’s Dads side of the family for many, many years so it was a chance to catch up on things.

Wayne had to go back to work afterwards so picked up the girls and they spent the afternoon playing with Sylvanian families, Animal Crossing on the wii and working on their Space lapbook.

After a quick tea we dropped Skye with my Dad who was going to take her to Scouts – her first session and she was very excited. Poppy and I went to gym. Finally they seem to have sorted out extra coaches to help me out – today there were 3 of us between 14 children – much better! 🙂

When Poppy and I got back home, we looked at some lovely new books she had been given for her birthday. They are Steb-by-Step books on Beadwork, Collage, Creative Lettering, Decorative Painting, Handmade Cards, Printing, Mosaics, Origami, Paper-folding and Papier Mache! They are full of lovely craft ideas – Poppy made a start by making herself a paper hat! 🙂 We will definitely get lots of use out of these books.

Picked Skye up from Scouts – she had a great time – said it was quite boisterous but she loved it!

Wayne, who had been to the cinema to see ‘The Road’ which apparently was pretty gruesome, and arrived home shortly after we did. Girls went up to bed and Wayne and I watched some of the programmes we had recorded to free up some memory – down to 2%!!


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