Almost mid January and still up to date with my blog!

Poppy and I were up about an hour before Skye this morning so we had breakfast and did some work from one of the Singapore Maths (Book 4B) that Merry let us borrow. Worked on Decimals and converting fractions to decimals – seemed to grasp this concept pretty easily. We didn’t write anything down, just went through a few exercises verbally in the book.

Once Skye had her breakfast and then she also did some work from the Singapore Maths book – using the same book (4B) as Poppy, basically so we can get a better idea of what she can and can’t do. Worked very competently through exercises about volume.

Poppy did lots more reading and then both worked on their Space lapbook – Skye did lots of research on the internet about animals in space and planet facts. Poppy made a fantastic rocket from her paper-folding book to incorporate into the lapbook.

Space Lapbook

Space lapbook

After lunch both girls played Animal Crossing on the wii. The plan was that we would all make pizza for tea but the girls got involved looking at the Beadwork book and started to create something from it so I was left to make pizza on my own 😦 – although the girls did add their own toppings.

Completely out of the blue, Skye asked what the Domesday Book was! I suggested she look it up in one of her History reference books. Unfortunately we were just about to leave the house and forgot all about it by the time we got home, but will remind her in the morning. Not often Skye asks a question like that – I have no idea where it came from! Hopefully the first of many!

Took Poppy to horse riding – she rode Magic but didn’t have a great session as she said she felt unwell and I had to walk round the arena with her. I have a feeling she is still a bit wobbly about being thrown off last week.

Got home and cooked our prepared pizza, which was delicious! Never made it from scratch before – so easy – will definitely do it again! 🙂

When Wayne and I were going through the programmes we had recorded, I noticed the final part of Victorian Farm Christmas that I hadn’t realised we had recorded was there so the girls and I watched that.

Girls went to bed and joined up on their ds’ for a bit. Wayne watched football, I blogged and did some work for my Dad.

Back to work tomorrow – I don’t know where the time goes!!


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