A day with Nanny

Had to drag the girls out of bed this morning as Wayne and I had to go to work and they were going to spend the day with Wayne’s Mum for a change 🙂 Sent them with some reading, space lapbook, ds and Sylvanian families.

Had a busy day at work – Wayne’s Mum had very kindly cooked us tea so we spent a couple of hours there after work then headed home.

Girls had a lovely day, went for a walk, played on the wii, Club Penguin (they like going on CP at Nanny’s house as there are two computers there so they can visit each other!), also played with Sylvanians. Were pretty tired when we got home and so went straight to bed.

I’m back to work in the morning but Wayne and the girls have lots planned – Skye has got to make a racing car for Scouts. They have been supplied a kit which consists of a block of wood, wheels and axles and need to design and make their own car to be raced at next weeks meeting. I think we may have to bring my Dad in for this one!

I’m hoping that they will do some baking too – we are out of cakes and biscuits!

They also want to finish their Space lapbook too so we can get on with another project next week.

……how sweet – I have a black bin bag full of the girls dressing up clothes that no longer fit them next to me in the study and one of our cats, Oscar, had just climbed into it and gone to sleep!


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