I left for early for work leaving the Wayne and the girls still asleep!

When I arrived home, they had made a curry for tea and we all sat down and they told me about their day.

They had used this kit that Poppy got for Christmas


to make their own avalanche….


and mudslide…



they loved it – this kit got a big thumbs up from the girls!


They told me for the snow they used ‘snowflakes’ that were supplied with the kit and added a little bit of water to them to make dry powdery snow which falls down in lumps of snow, a bit like snowballs. Then they then added a little more water to make slushy snow. For the mudslide they used balsamic vinegar mixed with bicarbonate of soda. It was quite funny – I got a call from Wayne whilst I was at work to ask whether we had any balsamic vinegar, to which I replied oohhh what are you making – something nice? – thinking he was preparing an extravagant meal but then he told me they were doing science experiments!!

There were some fun questions to answer and the girls successfully predicted where the avalaches and mudslides would slide to.

They also had a look at Skye’s Chemistry set but were unable to carry out any real experiments as there were some things required that we didn’t have but had fun looking at the contents of the kit and mixing liquids in the test tubes. Will try to do it properly with them next week.


Photo take by Poppy with her new camera 🙂

After tea, Wayne and Poppy took Skye to her new dance classes, Musical Theatre and Freestyle which she loved and couldn’t wait to show me some of the moves she had been learning!


I stayed at home to do the housework – lucky me!

By the time they got home it was fairly late so the girls had a quick drink before going to bed.


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