A lovely weekend

Saturday – Busy day today. Went to the cinema this morning to see Fantastic Mr Fox – brilliant movie!

Popped into Tesco on the way home to pick up a dessert and some wine as Wayne and I are going round a friends for dinner tonight. Got home, had lunch and Skye got to work on drawing the design for her racing car that she needs for Scouts on Tuesday. Used the internet to look at some examples of styles of car she could draw. Found one she liked and adapted it to make it her own. Once she’d drawn it out, she traced over it, cut out the tracing and then transferred it onto her block of wood.



Phoned Papa to ask if he could cut it out for her so off we went. She showed Papa her design and after making a couple of adjustments, Skye and Papa went into…


and set to work measuring, cutting, sanding and chiselling…a very noisy business!




Once she was happy with the shape of her car, we took Mum and Dad’s neighbours dog Merlyn for a walk…


Then headed home to paint and decorate Skye’s car. She chose a ‘flower power’ theme and began by painting it gold, then adding some glitter and flowers to it. Even managed to find a playmobil ‘driver’!


Once the paint was dry, she added the wheels – with a little help from Daddy 🙂



Car and driver are now ready for the big race on Tuesday!

Meanwhile, Poppy spent some time on Club Penguin and played with her toy dogs – dressing them up and making beds for them.



Made dinner for the girls, they had a bath, Mum and Dad arrived to look after the girls and Wayne and I went round to our friend S & D’s and had a very enjoyable evening. Lovely food, lovely company and a very competitive game of boys v girls Trivial Pursuit! Prefer not to mention who won……….there’s always next time!

Sunday – All got up very late! Pottered around for most of the morning, girls went on Club Penguin and played the wii. After lunch we popped into town as Poppy has some birthday money left to spend. We went for a lovely walk round Ferry Meadows – lost our ball in the lake within 30 seconds of kicking it around so the girls had a play on the adventure park!



Skye did a bit of bar practice…


Poppy had a paddle…


Once home, Poppy helped me prepare dinner whilst Skye went on Club Penguin. All had tea, watched some Sunday night TV then the girls went up to bed.

I blogged, Wayne watched some sport on TV.

What a lovely week 🙂


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