The last 2 weeks…

Monday Girls did maths and reading this morning, played Sylvanians and made a birthday card for Papa. After lunch we went to Merry and Co’s as the girls haven’t seen each other for a couple of weeks. However, when we got there, Merry informed me that she had a hospital appointment and would not be able to stay for a chat :(. Merry went off to her appointment and I stayed at her house whilst the girls played ‘shops’ for hours! Took Fran, Skye and Josie to dancing, then home.

Girls did more Sylvanian and Club Pengiun and played more shops!

Tuesday Today started with some Animal Crossing on the ds and Sylvanians. Poppy had watched a programme about double dutch skipping so we got out the rope and tried it ourselves – me included! Its sooooo tiring! Had great fun though!

I read more of the Mill Girl to them – we have neglected this book a little over Christmas but we are all keen to get it finished. The book prompted discussion on lots of things such as transport and lifestlyle. Poppy has requested that we have a Victorian Day at home – she is very interested in this era so think we will give it a go.

Skye had her first guitar lesson! She found it far more difficult than she imagined and finished her lesson with very sore fingers! Skye came to gym with us as Wayne was in Cambridge. Skye forgot that she hasn’t been to gym for 8 weeks and attempted a round off flic and consequently landed on her head! Tried another flic without the round off bit and with support from me and was fine! Left gym a little early to drop Skye at Scouts – she was really looking forward to this session as the had some gun dogs visiting!

Wednesday More maths and reading. We have copied Merry’s idea to encourage learning their times table by giving them each a sheet with the tables from 2x to 12x and once they are able to say it and know it they get a sticker and financial reward. Seems to be working. We have also produced one for European Capital Cities so have listed the country and the girls have to learn the Capital. That seems to be working too:)

Had a visit to the library today and took some maths books with us as we were planning to be there for a while. Skye chose some reading books – she wanted something funny to read so chose books by Michael Lawrence – The Killer Underpants and The Toilet of Doom – sound charming! Poppy selected a book on the Black Death and wanted me to read it to her. Skye was keen to sit and do some Singapore Maths – Skye’s confidence with Maths has grown so much this week, I think because we have let her take the lead on what she wants to do and most of it is recapping on stuff she already knows but it seems to be giving her so much confidence in her own ability that we are letting her carry on doing it that way.

Poppy also chose some Victorian themed books. Checked out and then went to Skye’s eye test appointment. Her longsightedness seems to be getting better – chose some lovely new glasses then headed off to riding. Poppy did really well – she was given Pickles to ride which she was very pleased about. She asked for a lead rope and as they had no one to lead, I went into the arena. After her first lap of the arena, I had a little chat with Poppy and she agreed that maybe she could go without the lead but wanted me to stay close by. Her turn to trot – she did a great job. They even had a go at jumping, she was one of two that were able to do this themselves without a lead. She was very proud of herself after this lesson. I just hope its given her enough confidence to go in on her own without me next week. We’ll see 🙂

Thursday Dropped the girls to my Mum’s. We call this dog-walking day as that is about all they do! Lots and lots of dog-walking 🙂

Friday Wayne and the girls did normals; maths, reading etc. Poppy made a lovely Penguin (from Club Penguin) which was very cute – unfortunately Wayne overcooked it!!

Poppy's fimo Penguin - slightly overcooked by Daddy

Skye did some guitar practice – not sure if its her thing, she doesn’t seem to be enjoying it but she’s having a really good go!!

The weekend My Mum’s birthday on Saturday so made lunch to take along to Mum and Dads. Girls spent most of the morning playing Sylvanians, Club Penguin and Moshi Monsters on the PC. Had a lovely afternoon with Mum and Dad then back home for a quiet night in.

Wrapped up warm and went for a lovely long, long walk on Sunday. Poppy found herself a huge piece of ice which she insisted on carrying home!


Once back home, we warmed up with a milky hot chocolate 🙂

The girls spent the rest of the day making things out of paper – oven, sink and drainer, cupboard, pots and pans, food etc!! Hardly saw them all evening!!

"Sink and drainer"


Vegetable soup, bread and water…

"Vegetable Soup, bread and water"

Monday Merry and the girls arrived late morning – not entirely sure what happened but the usual harmonious playing didn’t seem to work quite as well for a part of today 😦 However, after this slight blip the girls seemed to sort out their differences and had a lovely afternoon together. Merry took off with her girls and Skye to go dancing. Poppy and I stayed at home and had lots of cuddles and a lovely chat. She is feeling particularly sensitive at the moment – not quite sure why??

Tuesday Skye had another go at guitar practice and has decided that its really too tricky and does not want to carry on with lessons. I text my cousin to let him know of Skye’s decision and, being a self-taught, multi-talented musician, suggested that she might like to try the drums instead!

Poppy baked brownies. Both girls did MORE maths – I really can’t believe Skye – she just keeps asking for it!!! 🙂

Really trying to encourage more reading – Skye is fine if she’s got the right book but Poppy takes a little more persuading but both did lots of reading today 🙂

Took Skye to have her first drum lesson – she LOVED it! Thankfully we don’t have to rush out to buy a drum kit to practice on – my cousin showed Skye how to practice her rudiments etc using cushions! Will order her some sticks though.


Dropped Skye with my Mum as she has swimming with Scouts this evening and Poppy and I went to gym.

Wednesday Girls spent most of the morning making a present for Wayne’s 40th birthday. Poppy made a lovely fimo VW camper van and Skye made a fimo footballer!



Popped into town to collect Skye’s new glasses, which look lovely. I think she is surprised how much difference they make!


Poppy had riding and did really well – although she feels she is still not confident enough for me to watch and so I went into the arena again. She really doesn’t need me there but I will remain until she feels happy again. The last thing I want is for her to give up because I have pushed her into something she’s not quite ready for.

Thursday The girls made a lovely birthday cake for Wayne and made ’40th birthday’ cake topper out of fimo! Walked dogs!!

Friday Wayne and the girls finally finished making the motorised Meccano cable car they started at the beginning of January!




I arrived home from work and packed bags for our weekend away!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Merry
    Feb 11, 2010 @ 03:58:29

    ROFL – that makes me sound awful! I did only find out about the appointment when you were already on your way!!!


  2. lecielrouge
    Feb 11, 2010 @ 12:35:24

    You are absolutely right Merry – and in your defence, you did call me but I didn’t pick up the phone!! The girls had a lovely day anyway so I’m glad we came 🙂


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