Wayne’s 40th Birthday Weekend

Got up bright and early on Saturday and went into town – the girls had a hair appointment and Wayne wanted to pop to the library. Then headed off to Telford to meet up with the Allingtons who were coming from France to spend the weekend with their family to celebrate their daughter’s birthday, which coincided with Wayne’s birthday so we decided to meet up for the weekend.

We arrived at the Travelodge at around 3pm, the Allingtons arrived just before 5pm. We all went to her sisters who lives close to the hotel for a glass of wine and cake. On the way back to the hotel we picked up some chips, took them back to our room and chilled out with a bottle of wine, chips and chocolate!

Sunday morning had a quick McDonalds breakfast (not a great fan of McDs but needed to eat before we went to Georgina’s bowling party). Nicki had booked 3 bowling lanes for the ladies, gents and children. All had a great time – Wayne won out of the boys and was very pleased with himself! 🙂 After bowling we had a picnic lunch in the car en route to Enginuity in Telford. The girls absolutely loved it – not a huge place but enough to keep them occupied for 2-3 hours. Their favourite hands on exhibit was by far Power Valley which involved lots of water!




Skye turning a fly-wheel…

Skye turning a flywheel at Enginuity!

Poppy (with a little help from Nicki!) moving a locomotive…

Poppy moving a locomotive at Enginuity!

On our way back to the hotel, we stopped off to have a look at the Ironbridge.

Ironbridge, Telford

Ironbridge, Telford

View from the Ironbridge, Telford

Will definitely be re-visiting Enginuity along with all the other attractions at Ironbridge.

Once back at the hotel, the girls took themselves off into one room and the adults sat chatting in the other. Although we did get told off by the girls at one point for making too much noise! As it was Wayne’s birthday weekend, the girls and I had decorated our hotel room with banners and balloons and we got rather carried away playing ‘keepy uppy’ with a balloon and ended up in a hysterical fit of the giggles!!

In the evening we went back to Nicki’s sisters who had made dinner for us. After a lovely meal and lots of wine later, we got a taxi back to the hotel and fell asleep within seconds!!

Monday morning, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! – Wayne opened his presents – an ipod touch, which he has been incredibly excited about, an itunes gift card (perfect accompaniment), tin of sweets and bottles of bubbly/wine. We packed up our things and had breakfast at Nicki’s Mum’s, then, before heading home, went for a walk in the park – the girls had a good run around with lots of fresh air! A lovely end to a lovely weekend 🙂

February 2010 Telford with the Allingtons 030

February 2010 Telford with the Allingtons 010

February 2010 Telford with the Allingtons 023

Popped home and had time to unpack before taking Skye dancing. Spent the rest of the evening at Wayne’s Mum’s.


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