It’s alive??!!

Surprise visit to Merry’s on Wednesday – some of the Latinetc group were meeting there and very kindly invited us along for the day. Helen was fantastic and took charge of science. The following description of events is largely taken from Helen’s blog (hope you don’t mind :)) Looking at microbiology, today we looked at yeasts. There was surprise that yeast might be ‘alive’ so this wasn’t a simple chemical reaction. That actually what was happening was the yeast would be using sugar to fuel the division into 2 [actually this is a bit of a simplification, as yeasts actually bud off rather than divide like bacteria] that they are single-celled organisms of fungi. we knew what it was used for, briefly explaining that effectively to make the energy, a gas was given off as a waste product. They had quite a talk about the various gas possibilities, but mostly settled on CO2, partly because this is something we breathe out as a waste, and partly because Helen had brought along some lime water to test for co2!! So, into Helen’s new spangly Erlenmeyer beakers, they placed 5 spoons sugar, one heaped yeast and 250mls warm water and topped off with a balloon. Soon enough the balloons began to fill with ‘the gas’ and then each got a chance to mix ‘the gas’ with lime water – which rather fabulously went cloudy! and also to put a lit match into it – which very satisfactorily went out. So we learnt a bit about micro orgs, their needs, and waste products, and how to test for them. Fab!




Whilst all this was going on, I kept the supply of tea going and prepared a pasta lunch for all.

After lunch, all the children did a bit of sampler sewing and Katy did French which whoever chose to.


Left Merry’s to take Poppy to her riding lesson which went well although she has decided that she is finding the lessons rather boring (can’t say that I blame her, I have thought the same for the past few weeks but have not mentioned it as I have been happy that she has done something independently). Anyway, she has decided that she does not want to ride here anymore. We have a plan in place to ride elsewhere on a much more casual basis but which will include pony care, grooming and mucking out etc but this may not be for a few months. Poppy said that’s fine – she is happy to wait!! 🙂


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