Planetarium visit

Wayne and the girls dropped me off to work and headed into Peterborough for a visit to the Museum and its mobile Planetarium. First they visited the Cathedral and had a good look around.

Peterborough Cathedral

Skye and Poppy’s account of their Museum planetarium visit;

When we got to the museum we went inside the Planetarium which was a big blown up dome. To get into it we had to crawl through a tube – even Daddy! When we got into the dome it felt a bit like a Tardis – from the outside it looked small but it was very big inside. We had to sit on the floor, Daddy got to sit on a chair! They turned all the lights down and projected pictures of the planets onto the dome and told us interesting facts about them, one of them was that at 7pm in the evening on a clear night you might be able to see Mars glowing reddy orange. They turned all the lights off and showed all the stars. He told us about some of the constellations and pointed out how to spot Orion’s belt which we saw tonight! We thought is was great fun and interesting but the man who was talking had a funny voice which was a bit annoying!!

Skye managed to take a couple of photos from inside the dome…

Inside the Peterborough Museum Planetarium

Peterborough Museum Planetarium

After their visit Wayne and the girls spent the afternoon with Nanny – watched Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

They picked me up from work and we popped to a friend’s house for a coffee on the way home.


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