Last week catch up

Tuesday Feeling a little under the weather today so the girls have been pretty much left to their own devices. Skye has been teaching Poppy one of the dances she is learning in Freestyle and putting in some of her own choreography for the bits that Poppy is finding tricky! Skye practiced her rudiments for drums. Both girls did some reading and spent quite a bit of time on Moshi Monsters – they definitely get more from Moshi that Club Penguin – as they have to do maths, solve logic puzzles, develops IT skills, spelling, grammar etc writing notes to their new found Moshi friends!

Had a very quiet gym session – only 4 girls turned up but all worked very hard 🙂

Came home and Skye helped me cook a heap of pancakes 🙂


Wednesday Wet and miserable day but we decided to stick with our plan to go to Hinchingbrooke Park with some friends dog walking. We picked up Merlyn and Millie and took them with us to the park. It was very, very wet and muddy!! Within 15 minutes of getting there Poppy was accidently pushed over and Merlyn had jumped in the lake!! Had a lovely long walk and just as we were about to leave, one of our friends girls fell in!! She was fine just a bit shocked and very cold – i think a lesson was learned there!
Got back to the car with very wet muddy children and a very wet muddy Merlyn! It was our intention to go to Skye’s drum lesson on the way back from the park but with a car full of wet children and dogs decided to go home. Put Millie and Merlyn into the utility but felt so guilty about returning Merlyn so Poppy and I decided to bath him in the sink!! Oh my!! Being a cocker-poo, he has very thick curly fur so Poppy spent the next hour drying him with a hair dryer and he didn’t mind one bit!


Whilst we were having lunch, I popped in to check on the dogs – Millie has somehow contorted herself into the cats bed but I couldn’t find Merlyn – big PANIC!! Quizzed the girls, thinking they had let him into the house and then I saw the washing basket move – he was in there!! I think the lid must have been open and he jumped up and fell it, the lid closing after him! Returned the dogs safely to their owners and called in to have a cup of tea with Mum.

Poppy made me giggle today – I have volunteered to cater for a colleagues son’s 21st birthday party and after I had been speaking with my colleague on the phone, she asked what I was talking about and I replied that she had asked me to do something for her son’s birthday. She asked how old he was going to be and when I told her 21 her response was “he’s 21 and he’s having a face painter at his party!!” – not surprising that she would think that as I have never catered before – always face painted at parties!! 🙂

Thursday Girls and Mum read a lovely book on Cleopatra which prompted discussion – I think Mum learned some new things today too :)! Started to sew their aprons from a kit they got for Christmas. Dog walking.

Friday Planetarium visit blogged separately.

Saturday Spent most of the day catering – really enjoyed doing it but being on my feet all day has given me such a bad back!! Girls were really good – entertained themselves for most of the day – mostly dancing!

Sunday Pottered around most of the morning whilst girls did lots more dancing. After lunch, Skye went to play frisbee on the green at the front of our house with a friend and later we all went for a lovely walk. Spent an hour at the park then back home to warm up!


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