Baking, beading, bubbles and books!

Monday Woke up to lots of snow! Girls were in the garden by 8.15am building a snow lady!!


Spent the rest of the day with Merry and the girls. All the girls got to make soap – a very basic experiment involving no dangerous chemicals!! It was one I found on the Science Museum website. Basically all you need is a bar of white soap, food colouring, warm water, rubber gloves, cutters and a tray. Grate soap and add small amount of warm water – mix should be firm like chewing gum, not gooey or too sticky. Add food colouring (and fragrance oil – we added some vanilla essence!!). Mix then mould into a shape or into a ball and push into a cutter, carefully pushing out. Leave to set on a tray. Simple (but rather messy!!) 🙂

Poppy's soap

Amelie went a bit overboard on the red!! Looked a bit like a massacre when I was washing off the gloves!

Fran, Amelie and Maddy's soap

All the girls did some lovely Hama bead designs – Skye and Poppy definately got the Hama-bug again as when they got home they did even more – although they said that ours are not as good as Merry’s as theirs are all in separate colour pots which makes it easier!! Grrr!!






Tuesday Finally finished Mill Girl and the girls wrote a book review (i found a template on the net which the girls were happy to use). They both did a lovely review in beautiful handwriting. One way of getting them to do literacy 🙂

More hama beading with some impressive results …





Poppy made macaroni cheese for lunch, completely independently and made from scratch. Delish 🙂 Thank you Pops! Both girls made brownies – which get better every time!

They spent a lot of time looking at Grid Club – did some maths puzzles and watched history videos on Mary Queen of Scots, World War II. Poppy found an activity where you can design and print a chocolate bar wrapper which she enjoyed.

Skye had a drum lesson and is sailing through her book – my cousin is very impressed how quickly she is picking it up. She is still loving it which is great and knows exactly what she wants for her birthday!

Gym coaching in the evening then home.

Wednesday Whilst the girls were hama beading, we did a verbal literacy lesson, spelling, use of adverbs, tenses and imperative commands.

Poppy decided to make chocolate bars out of fimo to go into her printed chocolate wrappers – Skye did the same – their very own fimo confectionery!! They also made ‘fimo truffles’, which they tricked Wayne with when he got home – they were so realistic, he didn’t hesitate to pop one into his mouth and we all screamed at him ‘don’t eat it!!!’. Thankfully he saw the funny side – although did point out that he could have lost some teeth! 🙂

Fimo chocolate bars!

Did some reading together – Skye was reading a book on Florence Nightingale aloud – I love listening to Skye read, she is so confident and has great fluency.

Skye helped me make dinner – roasted pepper and goats cheese tart – which was yummy! Its nice that Skye is helping to cook – its usually Poppy that ends up helping but Skye has been very keen of late 🙂

Were intending on going for a walk but it rained most of the day 😦

Poppy came with me to Tesco and we had lots of foody conversations from getting the best value and choosing health snacks. Poppy is lovely to shop with – very rarely asks for anything and always very chatty!

Thursday Sadly had to wake two very sleepy girls this morning to go to Mum’s. They had a lovely day though, they wrote a book review on ‘Cleopatra’ which they read last week and surprisingly remembered lots of information. Watched Disney’s ‘Prince of Egypt’ and Mum read Michael Murpurgo’s ‘Cool’ to them – this is the book that Poppy has been reading, recommended by Skye.

They also had a lovely long walk with Merlyn and a play in the garden. All in all, quite a productive day!

Arrived home and the DVD, Roman Mysteries, has arrived for the girls. I think it was a series that was on CBBC – I stumbled across it whilst browsing the net and thought it looked quite interesting. We’ll see.

All watched Masterchef – Poppy thought that she might like to be a chef but then decided that she couldn’t as she would have to cook meat! I explained that she could work in a vegetarian restaurant and so would not have to prepare or cook meat! She suggested that she could own a bakery as she loves baking cakes – she really does make great cakes! We were then discussing what she would call her bakery – suggested Popsy’s Bakery or Skoppy’s, if Skye were to own it with her 🙂


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