Where were we….

…oops, I seemed to have neglected blogging for the past few weeks but they went something like this…

Skye took part in the Scouts swimming gala. We were very proud of her efforts – she was surprisingly fast, coming second in her heat against two boys and a girl. Not bad for never having any formal swimming lessons – I taught both Skye and Poppy to swim when they were very young 🙂 It was a very long night. We arrived at 6pm and did not leave until 9.20pm!

Spent a lovely Sunday at West Stow. We were the first to arrive but were joined soon after by Michelle, Chloe, Beccy and Ruby. The lovely lady on reception directed us to an exhibition area showing a short film about the village before meeting up for a tour by one of the resident archeaologists who was very knowledgeable and informative. She held the attention of adults and children alike and was happy to answer any questions. Whilst on our tour we were joined by Tim, Big and Small and then later by Jax and baby.

Skye Poppy and Chloe at West Stow 7 Mar 10

Once the tour was complete, we all headed to the sunny picnic area to have lunch. The children played happily together in the wooded area whilst the adults chatted. We have felt we have made new friends today.

After lunch was over we headed off to the museum – the children were happy to roam around finding things that interested them and share their findings with others.

Finally we made our way to the fantastic well equipped play area. The children had a great time and left us adults to do more chatting 🙂 Some hour or two later, the cold getting the better of us, decided it would be a good time to round up our respective families and head off home.

Poppy and Skye at West Stow

A fantastic day was had by all – it was lovely to see everyone 🙂

On Monday Merry and co came over to spend the day with us – repeated the milk/food colouring which went well. After watching the fat disperse the colouring, they had a little play making some lovely swirly patterns before dashing off to continue with their game and some trampolining thrown in!

Merry left with her girls and Skye for dancing. Poppy and I made tea for when Wayne and Skye returned home.

Dinner, tv then bed.

Tuesday and Wednesday the weather was lovely so began the morning with some trampolining and the rest of the day was spent doing a mix of normals – maths, literacy, reading, times tables, reading. Skye had a drum lesson, we all went to gym and then Skye had Scouts.

Girls spent the day with my Mum on Thursday – dog walking, reading and baking.

Not sure about Friday – I think they worked on mental maths questions from GP book with Wayne amongst other things.

Friday evening Mum and Dad came round to look after the girls and Wayne and I went to friends for dinner.

Saturday got up bright and early and set off for the Cambridge Science Festival. Headed for the Guild Hall where the girls learnt about forensics, built a bridge with 2p coins, tested their lung capacity and put on glasses which had been adapted to show what vision would be like for people suffering from eye diseases such as glaucoma and cataracts.




Also had an opportunity to ‘cuddle a crayfish’ – they loved this and found it quite fascinating!



Cuddle a Crayfish at Cambridge Science Festival

Found a bench near the market square to have our picnic lunch and bumped into two sets of friends.

Within one of the museums we found an area where the girls could get creative making a ‘tumor’ our of foam shapes and shooting foam discs into a papier-mache heart, lung, liver and bone to get their name on the score board! Both girls won an apple for their efforts!




Finished off in the Museum of Zoology, definitely the girls favourite! Spent a long time looking round, bumped into Beccy and Ruby and Poppy made herself a dragonfly. Also joined the Young Zoologists Club that is run by the museum.




Friends came round for dinner in the evening which was lovely and we had great fun playing Just Dance on the wii – exhausting! Ordered our own copy within minutes of them leaving!

They left Sunday morning and we popped over to Wayne’s Mum’s to drop off her Mothers day gift. I received a beautiful heart to hang and Skye had painted a lovely dinner plate and made some truffles at Scouts.

On our way home from Wayne’s Mum’s, we saw a beautiful rainbow which inspired Skye to make a mini lapbook about rainbows;

Skye's 'Rainbow' lapbook

Skye's 'Rainbow' lapbook

Skye's 'Rainbow' lapbook

Poppy chose to do a lapbook about Puppies and spent a long time researching;

Poppy's 'Puppies' lapbook

Poppy's 'Puppies' lapbook - Training

Poppy's 'Puppies' lapbook - Anatomy

Poppy wrote a lovely poem about Merlyn – she also wrote a copy out for Merlyn’s owners and they loved it so much they have framed it and put in on display in their house!

Poppy's 'Puppies' lapbook - Poppy's poem about Merlyn

Poppy's 'Puppies' lapbook - meanings of tails

Poppy's 'Puppies' lapbook - Food list

If either of our girls, especially Pops, does not get a job working with dogs or other animals I will be amazed!

Leading up to St Patrick’s Day, the girls did lots of research to produce a fantastic lapbook. Also made some beautiful felt ‘shamrock’ brooches and potato cakes for St Patrick’s Day lunch!


St Patricks Day Lapbook

A few days after our visit to the Zoology Museum, a package for each of the girls arrived containing pencil, ruler, eraser and sharpener, a newsletter and information leaflet about the museum. The newsletter was full of interesting facts, focusing on Antarctic animals which has inspired the girls to work on a new lapbook on Antarctic Animals.

Antarctic Animals lapbook cover

Antarctic Animals lapbook

Origami penguin family

What else…

I have been working almost every day for the past 3 weeks and consequently been neglecting my home schooling duties 😦 The girls have been fairly good at keeping things going whilst spending extra days with Nanny and Nana. Although not doing as much as I would like! The weather has been good so they have had lots of walks – which is great – can’t beat fresh air 🙂

I did manage to take a couple of days off and we had a lovely two days in London. Did lots and lots and lots of walking. Visited the usual places of interest; Natural History Museum and Science Museum – made a mistake of arriving mid afternoon and spent about 2 hours on one floor and didn’t get time to see much of it at all! Will have to revisit soon to look at all the other bits we missed!

Thermal Imaging at the Science Museum
Thermal Imaging at the Science Museum

Took the girls to see many of the sights – Buckingham Palace where we saw the changing of the guards. This was by far the highlight of their visit. The flag was up so she was in residence and we were discussing what the Queen might be doing…peeking out the window and wishing that people were not staring at her house! Having a cup of tea and a biscuit. Watching tat on television!!!

March 2010 London 036


March 2010 London 039

Meeting the Cavalry…

March 2010 London 047

Walked over Tower Bridge and round the edge of the Tower of London, past HMS Belfast, Downing Street, through Regents Park and got caught in the rain! Through Westminster, past Big Ben and the London Eye. Visited one of my favourite parts of London – Covent Garden – always seems so vibrant – love the Apple Market and street entertainers, consequently spent 2 hours here! Extra surprise thrown in – we bumped into Matt from Dancing on Ice in Boots and he shook the girls hands. They were totally starstruck!

One of the many street entertainers….

March 2010 London 046

Easter Weekend – Good Friday, had lunch with Wayne’s Mum and then went to the cinema to see Alice in Wonderland – loved it! Poppy said it was the best film she has seen – well one of her favourites! The girls had made a lovely chocolate Easter Cake which was delicious and made decorations for their Easter Tree. The Easter bunny hid lots of little eggs and the girls had fun hunting for them on Easter morning. Easter Monday, Mum and Dad called in an stayed for dinner which was nice.


Wayne and the girls have been to Woodgreen to look at the dogs – I got a text at working telling me that they had chosen one and were bringing him home – they were joking thankfully, not quite ready for a dog!

This is Bubba – the one they wanted 🙂 Have to admit he is cute – although he looks a little grumpy!
Bubba the dog the girls wanted to bring home from Woodgreen!

As well as all of the above, there has been lots of reading, English and Maths from Galore Park and CGP. Still need them to work on their times tables but we are testing them regularly. Usually whilst out walking or in the car!



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