Back to a routine

Finally, this week we have been able to get back to our routine – I am back to working my usual two days.

Wayne has been sorting out the garage, getting rid of bits of wood and rubbish that we seems to have found its way there and we can now walk into it, open cupboards, get bikes and scooters out without starting a domino effect from one end of it to the other!! The girls took advantage by getting on with their own diy 🙂


With the lovely weather at the weekend we have been able to start sorting out our garden which is in desperate need of something! Skye and Poppy ‘rescued’ ladybirds and made a ladybird village, including a ‘special needs’ department for injured ladybirds;


Ladybird village


Was a little horrified though to find out that they had emptied and used one of my newly planted seed trays!

We have recently ordered the GP Junior History books and although the first one (maybe even two) are a bit young for Skye, she has expressed an interest in working through them with Poppy. So far this week we have covered the first two chapters. Worked very quickly through the chapter on timelines including archaeology and completed all the exercises. Next was dinosaurs, again working through and completing the exercises finishing off making their own dinosaur out of clay and a clay pot.


Making a clay pot

Poppy’s finished clay pot…


Skye’s finished clay pot…


Poppy’s pterodactyl


Skye’s Brachiosaurus


Had a bit of a panic on this week, our PC is doing some odd things and am a little worried that I have over 2000 photos on it that have not been backed up anywhere so have been fairly busy downloading onto Flickr! Almost there – need to put them onto a disc as a back up back up then I can delete and free up some space which might help things!


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