Week ending 23 April

Have quite enjoyed this week – mainly due to the lovely weather so been outside a lot πŸ™‚

Saw Merry, Max and the girls on Monday – first time in a long time – our girls have missed the puddle chicks and were very pleased to spend some time with them again. The afternoon was spent bouncing on the trampoline, playing dodgeball, ds-ing and generally catching up.

Took Skye, Fran and Josie dancing and Poppy and I sat and chatted about everything and nothing.

Tuesday morning we got on with some GP History – now onto the Stone Age – the girls completed the exercises together with lots of discussion. We have agreed that they would choose and complete two activities from a list of about four or five at the end of each chapter. They had to write a story about how they think Stone Age Man discovered fire. Both girls decided to take a humorous side to this task and wrote a Stone Age diary entry.

Skye’s character, Ugg, wrote;

Ugg made spark when Ugg was sharpening weapon. Ugg felt very scared and clever. Ugg tried again and made fire, the fire caught the handle of Uggs axe, made big flame. Ugg ran away because Ugg thought Ugg would catch fire!

and Poppy’s character Uog wrote;

Uog made big axe to kill big animal. When Uog rub stone Uog saw spark. Spark look pretty. Uog did it again and Uog clothes caught alight. So Uog ran to pond and jump in.

Whilst they were busy giggling and creating their stories, I prepared dinner and got on with some other mundane chores.

Had a lovely walk round the village to the farm shop – stopped off at the newly opened park!

In the afternoon we had a visit from Michelle and Chloe, a little later than planned as there was someone in more need of a visit than us today so I didn’t mind. I think the girls were a little nervous about having Chloe over but once she was here they all seemed to get along very nicely – playing with Violet (the hamster) and then off out into the garden on the trampoline. Unfortunately playtime was cut short as Michelle had to dash off to the beans for dinner. Loved the time they were here though and looking forward to our forthcoming camping weekend πŸ™‚

Wayne was out all evening so the after dropping Skye at Scouts, Poppy and I went food shopping – very dull.

Picked Skye up and was a little cross that her patrol (about 6 of them all aged 11 – 12) were sent out, unaccompanied, to the village church to collect grave stone rubbings. It’s not the fact that they were out and about, its more the fact that we, the parents, were not informed that they would be doing so. Skye doesn’t go out on her own, or with friends for that matter, and I was a little upset that the Scout leaders just assumed that would be ok without letting us know. Not sure whether I will mention it as I don’t want Skye to feel embarrassed.

Wednesday morning had to wake the girls at 8.40am as we were looking after my friend’s 18 month old little boy. J was very pleased to have three new playmates for the next couple of hours. We had a lovely little walk to the brook to see the ducklings – we counted 13 in all – 5 in one family and 8 in another – very cute! πŸ™‚ Poppy read about 8 books to J, played with cars, trucks and ‘nee naws’. Had a lovely time with J and he was sad to see us go 😦

Arrived home just before lunch so the girls went out into the garden whilst I prepared something to eat. After lunch we went back to the park which backs onto the school the girls used to attend and they gave hugs and chatted to their old school friends through the fence! I took my book and sat in the beautiful sunshine whilst the girls played happily for well over an hour. Decided it was probably time to go home and get some work done! Poppy spent some time on Education City whilst Skye and I worked through more of the GP English book – chosing to talk through the exercises rather than do a load of writing. I think we actually achieved more doing it this way and probably had more fun πŸ™‚ They swapped over and Skye used EC whilst Pops went through the same exercises in the GP English book.

J’s brother H popped round after school to invite the girls over to play and me for a coffee with S, so we did that for an hour which was nice.

Had tea ready for when Wayne arrived home and once we had cleared away, we went for another walk (i love this weather) πŸ™‚ The girls showed Wayne the ducklings and then the new park. Stayed for about an hour then headed home to grab the girls overnight things and work for tomorrow, jumped in the car and dropped them at Mum and Dad’s for the night.

I blogged, not sure what Wayne did, tv then bed πŸ™‚

Thursday the girls did more GP History and Mum took them with her shopping – got themselves some more Littlest Pet Shop figures – I think we are up to about 70 now!! After work, had tea at Mum and Dad’s which was lovely. Girls played with LPS for a while before bed.

Friday unfortunately Wayne had to work so the girls spent the day with Nanny, did more GP History and more LPS playing. Went for a walk and spent a while at the park. Skye had dancing in the evening and we took Poppy to get some new shoes ready for our holiday πŸ™‚


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