Garden of Surprises

Had a visit from a friend first thing, whilst the girls got on with some reading and played together happily.

Arranged with Merry and Michelle to go to Burghley’s Garden of Surprises – had a fantastic day. On arrival, the girls found the red deer that roam freely around the car park area and were very surprised to be able to pet them whilst they were happily shading themselves under some trees. Merry, Michelle and I set up our picnic and we all filled up our tummies before visiting the gardens. We started by visiting the Sculpture garden which had many weird and wonderful pieces of art, from gigantic white roses made out of plastic bags to a gramophone in a tree – bizarre but rather interesting.

April and May 2010 032

April and May 2010 077

April and May 2010 038

April and May 2010 039

April and May 2010 063

We went through a little door in the wall that reminded me of the Secret Garden and beyond the wall was a family of carved wooden bears – the girls spent a while feeding them with their giant bowls and spoons and making a ‘den’ in the forest.

April and May 2010 047

April and May 2010 045

We found, what I can only describe as a grassy crater in the ground which was circled with sculptures that I thought looked like bobbins and Poppy thought looked like hives. The adults had a rest and the girls spent the next half an hour rolling down the hill, making a human chain. It was so lovely to seem them all interacting with one another so well.

April and May 2010 070

April and May 2010 069

April and May 2010 071

Moving on, we then made our way to the Garden of Surprises which was amazing. Jets and fountains of water, streams, mazes, sculptures, funny mirrors – hours of fun! All got very wet and really just had an amazing time.

April and May 2010 113

April and May 2010 119

April and May 2010 106

April and May 2010 142

April and May 2010 133

April and May 2010 141

As we were leaving I had a message from my cousin cancelling drums, to be honest we were all a little tired and I really wanted nothing more than a nice cup of tea. Merry kindly invited us back to hers on the way home where we had a lovely cup of tea then I took the girl’s home. After tea, Wayne took Skye to Scouts, on the way home he and Pops went to the park for a bit.

Picked up Skye, exhausted, so she went straight to bed!


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