End of April

Over the weekend the girls have been to various areas of Grid Club. Both love the art bit and have used it to make collages. Poppy asked if they could make a proper collage, but as it was getting late, suggested that we find the materials to use and I would cut them up whilst they were in bed ready for the morning.

Monday 26/04
What did we do?? Can’t really remember – oh yes, girls got on with making their own collage. Spent a while on Grid Club doing various activities. Left the house at 11.30 ish to get to Merry’s for lunch. The girls had a lovely time, making up role play games about World War II, dogs and playing Wink the Murderer (which I remember playing as a child). Merry to Fran, Skye and Josie dancing whilst I stayed at home with the rest so they could continue their game.

Arrived home shortly before Wayne, tea, tv and bed.

Tuesday we visited the Garden of Surprises at Burghley – blogged separately 🙂

Wednesday 28/04
For some reason Poppy was keen to make playdoh (I think they had instructions on making it on Grid Club), so we did 🙂 Sculpted various shapes and objects, including this duck…

After a conversation with Max on Monday, I decided to visit the BBC Bitesize website to work through some maths with the girls, started with Angles. Ran through types of angles and discussed the basic rules. Skye had previously covered some of this at school and was fairly competent, but Poppy had not used a protractor before and was quite happy that she had learnt something new today. They worked through the online activities together which they quite enjoyed.

After their hard work, we had some lunch then went to the park before going to Tesco. Home, tea, tv and bed.

Thursday 29/04
Work day for me but Wayne had today off as we had made tentative arrangements for him to visit B and R to go on a Home Ed dog walk. However on speaking to her the night before, all the other dog walkers had dropped out and she was not feeling 100% herself so we abandoned that plan. Unfortunately, the girls were desperately excited at the prospect of dog walking so after some mental maths exercises in the morning; they borrowed our friends’ dog Star and went to Ferry Meadows. Only one drawback, our very clean and tidy car is now covered in dog hair!!

Wayne, Skye and Poppy had a lovely time building a den in the woods, playing at the park and Star enjoyed the attention.

Arrived home from work to a pizza and salad tea – had a lovely catch up with the girls, hearing all about their dog walking and den making. Had a snuggle up on the sofa with them before taking them to Nana and Papa’s for a sleepover.

Friday 30/04
Skye and Poppy took Merlyn for a walk, then bought him back to Nana and Papa’s for a play in the garden. Very jealous as they had a ‘sit’ in Merlyn’s owners gorgeous, beautiful yellow VW camper!

Took a trip to Woodgreen, then visited one of Mum’s friends on the way home.

When Wayne and I arrived at Mum’s for tea, Skye was quite upset saying that she really didn’t want to go to Freestyle dance anymore 😦 She had mentioned to me last week that she didn’t want to carry on but at the time I suggested that she carry on until the end of term, but it was clear that wasn’t going to happen. Wayne took her to Musical Theatre and on the way home had a chat with her and it transpired that not only is she finding it quite a challenge and not enjoyable and that there were two girls there that made her feel uncomfortable 😦

Mum ran Poppy and I home and I quickly got on with packing for our camping trip tomorrow. Still looking forward to it, despite the rain that is forecast over the whole of the Bank holiday – typical!


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