TGI Friday!

Today went rather well at work – everything done and I even left on time 🙂 Picked up Poppy’s friend A on the way home who is staying at ours tonight to keep Poppy company whilst Skye goes off to Scout Camp – one out, one in! 🙂

After tea we loaded the car with Skye’s camping things and set off to meet up with the rest of the troop to begin the convoy to camp. I was in charge of looking after the 20 boxes of eggs, which were very safe whilst in my care, however after leaving them on the grass whilst everyone set up, the lady who had entrusted me with them ran over the them!! I think they lost about 2 dozen – oops!

As there are only 4 girl Scouts, we helped them pitch their tent which they are sharing, said our goodbyes and made our way back home 😦

Wayne took Poppy and A to the park and they have spent the rest of the evening playing with their dolls 🙂

Only got the girls’ clothes to sort and pack tomorrow ready for the off on Sunday 🙂


Counting down

One more work day to go! Wayne has officially started his holidays – not back in for another 3 weeks! I still have to work tomorrow but intend to leave an hour early so I can wave Skye off to Scout Camp 😦

Dropped into Mum and Dad’s on the way home to pick up the girls and Mum had very kindly made us tea (again!). The girls have been doing some very beautiful elephant drawings – Poppy used oil pastels and Skye did a mix of pastels and pencil.

Skye’s finished drawing…

Skye's elephant drawing using oil pastels and pencil

..and Poppy’s, one finished and the other, work in progress..

May 2010 011

Poppy's elephant drawing using oil pastels
Working through the next chapter of GP History.

Poppy also carried on with her knitting on her supersize wooden knitting needles (which didn’t look nearly as big on the website!) – but she loves them 🙂

May 2010 006

They’ve also been for a lovely long dog walk today and had a play at the park.

Once home, Skye had half an hour on Club Penguin and Poppy watched a wildlife documentary with Daddy.

Hectic week

Bit of a busy week, leading up to our holiday.

Poppy has been creating a ‘sea life centre’ in the spare room. She has made a gift shop and reception area, raided my kitchen cupboards for suitable containers to house her ‘sea life’, writing some lovely descriptions for each species. Compiling a fish fact leaflet using information found on the internet and set up an area showing pollution which affects the oceans, consisting of plastic bags, tissues, bottles and egg cartons!

I have been busy packing for both Skye’s Scout Camp weekend – sewing labels into EVERYTHING!! and packing for our family holiday which I am soooo looking forward to 🙂

Monday afternoon we spent with Merry and co, we loosely had a plan but the girls did a very good job of keeping themselves busy recreating stories from Dr Who, which incidentally has led to two nights of nightmares for Skye, which I did not expect!

We have spent an afternoon and a morning with my Auntie who has been very kindly helping Skye adapt an authentic 60s sewing pattern so she can make a tunic for her dance show in July. Skye has done a great job – it looks fantastic! 🙂 She is very proud, as am I.

Had a visit to the hair dressers, which took up a whole afternoon as they had a trainee who was very thorough but incredibly chatty and slow! Skye has had a complete restyle and Poppy just had a tidy up but now wishes she had been restyled too!

Skye's new hair style :)

Found our second geocache, which was literally on our doorstep, less than a mile from our house 🙂

Eventually got the girls to Mum and Dad’s after doing a detour back home to pick up Poppy’s dog, Berkley, who has spent every night with her for as long as I can remember 🙂

Blogged then bed, ready for my last two days at work before spending the next 3 weeks in the sunny (I hope) South of France! Yipee! 🙂

Weekend with Auntie Jo and Uncle Colin

Blogged by Skye 🙂

After dancing Mummy took us to Auntie Jo’s. We got there quite late, Auntie Jo had baked a yummy chocolate cake! We had a little bit of it,
Mummy also had a cup of tea and we had a hot chocolate. Then we went and put our PJ’s on and Mummy went home. Shortly after Mummy left we went up to bed. We didn’t really go to sleep because we were spying on Auntie Jo and Uncle Colin! Eventually we decided to go to sleep.

Saturday after breakfast we got in the car and went to a Victorian museum. We played with some Victorian toys, much different to the toys we have now, I would rather have my DS than a spinning top!
The Victorian clothes are also very different. We then went to the World War 1 section, we saw the uniforms they wore and we got to try them on.

In the afternoon we went to a horse and donkey sanctuary. We saw lots of lovely horses and donkeys, there was a Shetland and a Shire playing together, it looked funny because of their sizes! Afterwards we went to the gift shop and got a lucky dip.

We got home and had our dinner and spent the evening snuggled up by the fire watching TV.

The next morning Auntie Jo took us swimming. The swimming pool had a slide, a jacuzzi and two swimming pools. The pool was cold when we got in but it got warmer. The slide was really fun! We went down that several times but Auntie Jo didn’t because I think she was too scared!

When we got back we had our vege roast dinner and went back home.

We had a lovely weekend and look forward to going again soon 🙂

Allotment Diary #3

Had a bit of a tidy up and weeded what we knew were weeds – basically anything that was growing where we hadn’t planted anything! Red onions shoots are huge! We now have some lettuce 🙂

The brussels are doing well, we have one beetroot shoot, one parsnip and spinach shoot. Nothing going on with the carrots yet. Gave everything another drink and will leave them be again for a few days – will try to pop up before we go on our holidays but might have to speak to my Dad and Uncle to keep an eye on things whist we are away. 🙂

The week after the May Day weekend

Lots of reading – Skye still really enjoying the Horrible Geography books, Poppy takes a little more persuading to pick up a book but is getting better. More maths – loving BBC Bitesize. Looked at Mean, Median and Mode – both girls seemed to grasp this fairly quickly and happily worked through the exercises. Wayne doubting that she actually understood, quizzed Poppy and she told him exactly what they all were, giving examples 😀

Left them to have a play round the website and they found a section on verbal reasoning, which they really enjoyed. The basics were you were given a scenario, someone would appear to be talking to you, questioning, and you had to choose one of three responses to get yourself out of trouble, depending on which answers you chose, depended on whether you were ‘arrested’ or not!

Wayne took the day off on Thursday instead of Friday and they did lots of mental maths, times tables, long multiplication sums, Skye did some GP English. Had a walk in the afternoon before packing a bag ready for their overnight stop at Nana and Papa’s and a weekend with their Auntie.

Friday after work, picked up the girls, took Skye dancing then drove them to my sisters for the weekend.

May Day Weekend

Got up bright and early, the sun shining, loaded the car, hooked up the camper and started our journed to Norfolk for a camping weekend.

Had to call into shop en route to change girls waterproof coats – the ones I had picked up were far too big 😦 Changed coats, did a quick last-minute check with Wayne that he had remembered to pack the only ONE thing that he had been asked to pack….the camping chairs….erm, NO!! Back into shop to get two chairs!!!

Ok, so we are now on our way…YAY!!

Were the first of the group to arrive (apart from the manor borns who arrived earlier in the week and were out and about), pitched up fairly quickly, in the beautiful sunshine, whilst the girls went to check out the park and feed the resident goats 🙂 A short while after we were joined by the beans, chatted with them and supplied cups of tea whilst they pitched. Later joined by jax and nic. Spent a lovely evening chatting – children all played happily. Very chilly night, warmed up as best we could with coffee and baileys but relatively early to bed. Had noticed that I didn’t quite have the camping attire required – woolly hat with ear flaps, so made a point of purchasing one for the following night – which I must say helped lots 🙂

The following day we all did our own thing – some friends of our were staying in Cromer so we headed there had a wander round the town and a walk on the beach, before meeting them at their campsite. Had a lovely walk through the woods which backed onto their site.

April and May 2010 217

April and May 2010 204

April and May 2010 185

Arrived back to site for tea and the arrival of the deependers who were joining the beans for the night 🙂 Another evening of chat – a little warmer with my woolly hat and extra socks 🙂

The manor borns decided to go for a walk in the woods – the girls have been desperate to go for a night-time wood walk so we, and a couple of beans joined them. Unfortunately we didn’t spot anything but think we may have heard an owl. Was good fun – though not sure I would want to do it alone.

The next day we went to Bewilderwood and had a fantastic day – despite the extremely changeable weather including a freaky hail shower!! We began our journey into Bewilderwood on a little boat where we were told tales of Boggles and Twiggles and Midred the Croc who lived in the Scaaarrry Lake! Lots of treetop walks, slides, story telling, zip wires, craft, den building – something for everyone young and old.

April and May 2010 227

April and May 2010 225

April and May 2010 220

April and May 2010 224

April and May 2010 233

Den building
April and May 2010 234

April and May 2010 237

We left Bewilderwood with some time to spare so we followed the manor borns who knew of a lovely place to visit. We parked up and walked down a boardwalk which meandered through marsh land and came out to a huge expanse of water – beautiful view. Whilst there M discovered there was a cache nearby so we hopped back in the car and took a short drive close to its location and began searching – Woo hoo we found it!! Our first geocache 😀

Picked up chips for tea on our way back to the site 🙂

The next morning, took our time packing up and chatting with everyone else as they slowly did the same.

We all had a great weekend, lovely site, lovely company – looking forward to next time 🙂