Weekend with Auntie Jo and Uncle Colin

Blogged by Skye 🙂

After dancing Mummy took us to Auntie Jo’s. We got there quite late, Auntie Jo had baked a yummy chocolate cake! We had a little bit of it,
Mummy also had a cup of tea and we had a hot chocolate. Then we went and put our PJ’s on and Mummy went home. Shortly after Mummy left we went up to bed. We didn’t really go to sleep because we were spying on Auntie Jo and Uncle Colin! Eventually we decided to go to sleep.

Saturday after breakfast we got in the car and went to a Victorian museum. We played with some Victorian toys, much different to the toys we have now, I would rather have my DS than a spinning top!
The Victorian clothes are also very different. We then went to the World War 1 section, we saw the uniforms they wore and we got to try them on.

In the afternoon we went to a horse and donkey sanctuary. We saw lots of lovely horses and donkeys, there was a Shetland and a Shire playing together, it looked funny because of their sizes! Afterwards we went to the gift shop and got a lucky dip.

We got home and had our dinner and spent the evening snuggled up by the fire watching TV.

The next morning Auntie Jo took us swimming. The swimming pool had a slide, a jacuzzi and two swimming pools. The pool was cold when we got in but it got warmer. The slide was really fun! We went down that several times but Auntie Jo didn’t because I think she was too scared!

When we got back we had our vege roast dinner and went back home.

We had a lovely weekend and look forward to going again soon 🙂


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