Hectic week

Bit of a busy week, leading up to our holiday.

Poppy has been creating a ‘sea life centre’ in the spare room. She has made a gift shop and reception area, raided my kitchen cupboards for suitable containers to house her ‘sea life’, writing some lovely descriptions for each species. Compiling a fish fact leaflet using information found on the internet and set up an area showing pollution which affects the oceans, consisting of plastic bags, tissues, bottles and egg cartons!

I have been busy packing for both Skye’s Scout Camp weekend – sewing labels into EVERYTHING!! and packing for our family holiday which I am soooo looking forward to 🙂

Monday afternoon we spent with Merry and co, we loosely had a plan but the girls did a very good job of keeping themselves busy recreating stories from Dr Who, which incidentally has led to two nights of nightmares for Skye, which I did not expect!

We have spent an afternoon and a morning with my Auntie who has been very kindly helping Skye adapt an authentic 60s sewing pattern so she can make a tunic for her dance show in July. Skye has done a great job – it looks fantastic! 🙂 She is very proud, as am I.

Had a visit to the hair dressers, which took up a whole afternoon as they had a trainee who was very thorough but incredibly chatty and slow! Skye has had a complete restyle and Poppy just had a tidy up but now wishes she had been restyled too!

Skye's new hair style :)

Found our second geocache, which was literally on our doorstep, less than a mile from our house 🙂

Eventually got the girls to Mum and Dad’s after doing a detour back home to pick up Poppy’s dog, Berkley, who has spent every night with her for as long as I can remember 🙂

Blogged then bed, ready for my last two days at work before spending the next 3 weeks in the sunny (I hope) South of France! Yipee! 🙂


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  1. Merry
    May 13, 2010 @ 09:11:18

    Eeeek about doctor who – sorry about that!


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