TGI Friday!

Today went rather well at work – everything done and I even left on time 🙂 Picked up Poppy’s friend A on the way home who is staying at ours tonight to keep Poppy company whilst Skye goes off to Scout Camp – one out, one in! 🙂

After tea we loaded the car with Skye’s camping things and set off to meet up with the rest of the troop to begin the convoy to camp. I was in charge of looking after the 20 boxes of eggs, which were very safe whilst in my care, however after leaving them on the grass whilst everyone set up, the lady who had entrusted me with them ran over the them!! I think they lost about 2 dozen – oops!

As there are only 4 girl Scouts, we helped them pitch their tent which they are sharing, said our goodbyes and made our way back home 😦

Wayne took Poppy and A to the park and they have spent the rest of the evening playing with their dolls 🙂

Only got the girls’ clothes to sort and pack tomorrow ready for the off on Sunday 🙂


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