Back into the swing

After our lovely holiday it was time to get back to some kind of routine.

Both girls have worked through some English on BBC Bitesize – suffixes and prefixes. Aimed at KS2, both found it rather easy and whizzed through the exercises. Both have been using GP Junior English. OK for Poppy but Skye really needs to move on GP English book 1 – need to source one fairly soon. Had some fun with maths – looking at Roman Numerals, solving maths problems written in RN – they enjoyed that πŸ™‚

June 2010 016

We decided to brighten up our very tidy garden [thank you Mum and Dad :)] by decorating some old jars with colourful bead handles to make candle holders.

June 2010 132

June 2010 130

Both girls wrote about one of their holiday highlights in whatever form they wished – both chose to write about the pony hack we went on, Skye wrote a short diary-type entry and Poppy chose to write a poem. I have set them up a blog page each which will hopefully encourage a bit more writing – not so much a problem for Skye but Poppy avoids writing anything!! She can create so many funny and interesting stories in her head – if only she would get then down on paper! At least they have both made a start – each blogged one thing so far, Poppy about Geocaching and Skye about their visit to the East of England Show.

We have had some lovely days with the Puddle chicks over the last couple of weeks. The first get together after our holiday, they spent most of the day in the garden doing gym and playing with playmobil. Generally making a good effort to stay out of our way so we didn’t give them work to do!! The other days have been mainly art led – Merry has bought some ‘samples’ from work to test out and the girls have done some fantastic pictures – including writing on my patio doors! We have taken our ‘art’ sessions outside and met up at Ferry Meadows for a couple of hours and the girls and I have also sat on the lovely green area at the front of our house to do some sketching πŸ™‚ We are liking art very much πŸ™‚

June 2010 025

June 2010 117

June 2010 115

Art day with the Puddle Chicks 006

Art day with the Puddle Chicks 004

Art day with the Puddle Chicks 009

The girls and I sat one afternoon doing some watercolour pencil drawings. Wanting to incorporate some varied art activities, I checked out ‘Sketch Tuesday’ which Merry and I had been discussing. Basically you are given a theme to work on and you need to draw a picture relating to the given theme and then email it over and she displays it on Flickr and her blog. Thought we would give it a go, the theme being Wild Ones – Everglades. I told the girls a little bit about the Everglades and they set to researching animals that can be found there. Poppy drew a wading bird and Skye drew a Key Deer – I think both are rather fabulous!

Wading bird

Skye's watercolour pencil drawing - Key Deer

In keeping with an ‘arty’ theme we watched the last of the recorded Dr Who which featured Vincent Van Gogh and prompted discussion about him. (Definitely my favourite episode so far this series, I found it very emotional). Skye and Poppy decided to look at more of his work on the internet which they found rather interesting. They noticed that art doesn’t have to be perfect to be fantastic! We have made a mental note to visit the Museum d’Orsay on our trip to Paris in September πŸ™‚

Had a bit of a geocache frenzy over the last couple of weeks – had a lovely day in Oundle on the hunt for 14 but only managed to find 4! Mainly due to the enormous stinging nettles we had to wade through which hindered our searching somewhat! Had a fab time though, love geocaching – it really does take us off the beaten track to places that we would never have known about!

May and June 2010 518

May and June 2010 514

May and June 2010 521

May and June 2010 533

May and June 2010 545

A very exciting day…our biggest geocache find so far πŸ™‚

June 2010 111

Both girls doing more reading. Trying to encourage Skye to read books other than Horrible History/Geography/Science (not that I want her to stop reading them because they are great books) but I think she needs some variety – she’s a very competent reader but she’s a bit like me though, enjoys reading but I struggle to find books myself, better if they are recommended to me. So following an afternoon with Merry, I came home with two of her favourites to read πŸ™‚ Skye has started to read Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo, triggered by something in the GP Junior English book – she did start to read it a couple of years ago but we’ll see if she can stick it out to the end this time! I won’t hold my breath though!

I was getting rather worried about Poppy’s lack of reading on holiday – always managed to find something else to occupy her mind! However Wayne was reading a paper and she read out some lines from it pretty fluently even managing to read trickier words with confidence! Worry over πŸ™‚

Poppy has spent some time on Grid Club – maths and grammar, having to correctly answer questions to complete a quest. Also looked at Victorians section – she is desperate to do a Victorian’s project, complete with dressing up! Maybe we’ll have to arrange it as a group activity – would be much more fun with a larger group.

Drum practice is going well, Skye said its getting trickier now and my cousin suggested that we might need to start looking for a drum kit so she can practice between lessons! Will have to look out for a cheap (if there is such a thing) electric one.

What else….

Poppy lost a tooth – I think it was helped out – she has a habit of doing that! It was placed safely under her pillow ready for the tooth fairy’s visit. She thinks that the same fairy comes to her every time and that they have a computer screen which flashes up every time she loses a tooth so they know when to come. πŸ˜€ Poppy woke up very happy the following morning, the tooth fairy had been very generous, leaving her Β£2!!

To mark the start of the World Cup, Wayne had a World Cup themed Friday – they looked at the flags of those countries taking part and each chose a country to read up on and learn some interesting facts about. Poppy chose France and Skye chose Germany. Wayne also informed me that they spent a lot of time ‘discussing things’ but can’t remember what!!

I have also sourced a place for the girls to ride, although it may only be a short-term arrangement as the lady has to move premises at the beginning of July from fantastic stables, arena and paddocks to a field with no stables or arena 😦 But for the meantime its working well – the girls have been spending a couple of hours a week, learning how to tack up, clean tack and groom three lovely ponies, including an adorable Shetland; then having a ride either in the arena or going out on a hack down the country lane. Such a shame she has to move on 😦

We’ve also had visits to the East Of England show, making pasty’s, learning the art of one stroke painting with the ladies from the WI tent! There is a knack to it and for a first attempt I don’t think the girls have done too bad πŸ™‚

June 2010 082

June 2010 076

The highlight for them though would have to be getting up close and playing with the beagles and hounds. Very cute πŸ™‚

June 2010 090

There is probably so much I have missed but I think I need to just draw a line and finish this post!


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