Water-lot of fun!

Woke up this morning to another gorgeous sunny day šŸ™‚ I could get used to this – having breakfast ‘al fresco’.

Both girls were not up particularly early, mainly due to taking so long to get to sleep last night as it was so warm!

One they had breakfasted, dressed etc, they started to make greetings cards (which they sell to family and friends to earn pocket-money :)) until we ran out of double-sided sticky tape – honestly! Interrupted the morning to go for an interview for a job to work one weekend a month, which incidentally I think went fairly well. Mum sat with the girls whilst they got on with some maths, Poppy surprised me by working on a Year 6 workbook. Skye carried on working through the exercises from Singapore maths. Both girls did some work from their Letts Science workbooks about hygiene, caring for your teeth. Also managed to fit in some reading – I was a very happy Mummy when I arrived home šŸ™‚

Grabbed swimming costumes and towels and we spent the afternoon at the Puddles. That, to be honest, sums up how their garden looked when we left!! Full of puddles. The girls had a fab time though!

Max very kindly did the dancing run, leaving Merry and I to continue our chatter, leaving Poppy and Maddy to play – which they do very well šŸ™‚

Home, girls bathed, had dinner, tv, story (Poppy finally finished a book she has been reading for what seems like months!) – and to bed.


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