We shall go to the show

Woke up early worrying about where I had put the tickets for Skye’s dance show this weekend…..had an idea where they could be and just HAD to look…TA DA!! Found them! πŸ™‚ So pleased – its been bothering me all week – been hunting around like crazy – very unlike me to misplace important things!

So, girls still asleep – realised that with our busy day ahead would need to take lunch with us – ah, no bread but plenty of bread mix and bread flour πŸ™‚ It was my intention to wait until the girls had woken up to let them make bread (from a mix as its considerably quicker) but really couldn’t wait so made it myself and by the time they had got themselves up, dressed and downstairs it was baking in the oven. Maybe it was the smell of fresh bread that woke them πŸ™‚

Maths – Poppy continued work from yesterday on sorting and rounding decimals and converting to fractions. Skye looked at converting and simplifying fractions. Think she got out of bed a little too early – wasn’t terribly focused this morning 😦

After throwing together a picnic type lunch, the girls went riding – Skye very pleased that she is now able to trot properly πŸ™‚ – then into town for my hair appointment. Girls sat in the waiting area and read. We were a little early to go to drums, so called into the local garden centre for a mooch around the animals and fish. Drums went well, Poppy played in the garden with T whilst Skye had her lesson.

Home, tea then dropped Skye at Scouts. Poppy and I watched Monkey Life πŸ™‚ Picked Skye up – had a fab time. Played golf, did some map work and something else involving being blindfolded and guided by a rope. Came home with her ‘Creative’ badge – more sewing!

Another late night for the girls – can’t sleep because of the heat! 😦


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