Getting creative

Woke up this morning feeling like we needed to get on with something academic! The girls have had a lot of days out these last few weeks, mainly due to having such fantastic weather that it would seem silly to be sat inside. Today being overcast thought it would be a good excuse to get out some workbooks again. Both girls worked from the CGP Literacy books and although it seems to be going over things they already knew, did them good just to sit for an hour and concentrate and focus on something quietly. They both also did some reading – Poppy has started one of her Olga books and Skye is sticking with Horrible Geography.

After lunch we went to the Puddles house, the girls played together for a while whilst Merry and I had a cup of tea and a catch up. Shortly after we got out the oil pastel pens so they could get started on creating their own collage picture. Poppy rushed hers a bit and ended up with mis-shaped squares and struggled to fit them all back together so picked out the ‘squares’ that were actual squares and made a smaller version which turned out well šŸ™‚

Getting creative 008

Getting creative 009

Getting creative 011

Poppy also did some stencilling with Amelie’s Djeco stencils.

Getting creative 006

Then it was a quick dash for Merry to drop Fran, Skye and Josie to dance and Amelie to gym whilst I stayed with Poppy and Maddy who spent the hour playing Dr Who or something or other – they were quiet and happy anyway šŸ™‚

Merry returned with the girls and we went home. Girls both went on Club Penguin, drew their entry for this weeks Sketch Tuesday which was ‘Something beginning with J’ – Poppy and I chose to draw a jigsaw and Skye drew a Jack in the Box.

Poppy's jigsaw for Sketch Tuesday - Something beginning with 'J'

Skye's Jack in the Box sketch for Sketch Tuesday - something beginning with 'J'

My Jigsaw sketch for Sketch Tuesday - something beginning with 'J'

Before bed they watched an animal documentary on television.

Tuesday morning did more literacy from CGP books, reading and more art. After lunch we went to a local-ish Creative Writing group which was fab. We arrived at Melanie’s house where the girls took a seat around the table. All the other girls there were of similar ages and made them feel very welcome. Melanie got them all thinking about using adjectives and they all had to go out into the garden, find an object then write a few lines describing that object depending on who or what had discovered it. Both Skye and Poppy chose a feather and these were their descriptions…

Getting creative 017

Getting creative 019

The aim was for the other girls was to firstly guess their object and secondly who or what was describing it. I was very impressed how Skye and Poppy immersed themselves into it all, reading out their descriptions and contributing to the group.

Once all the girls had a chance to share their work, they selected one item from all the things that had been collected and used it to create an acrostic. The object they selected was a candle; Melanie sat with them and asked them to think of as many words as they could associated with the candle, which they did brilliantly. They were then able to use those words to complete their acrostic.

Ancient Spells
Never-ending brightness
Dripping wax
Lively flickers
Enchanting light

They then had a go at creating their own…

This was one of Skye’s

Getting creative 021

And this was Poppy’s

Getting creative 020

After all their hard work, all the girls went out into the garden to play and I had a chance to chat to Melanie. The girls had a great afternoon and have made yet more new friends.

Skipped drums – had far too busy a day!! Skye still managed to get to Scouts though and had a fun evening.

Wednesday; unfortunately I had to work today so Wayne took the day off with the girls and from what I can gather didn’t have the most productive of days šŸ˜¦ although they did go out on a nice bike ride in the afternoon.

Thursday they went to Wayne’s Mum’s for the day – CGP literacy, reading, more acrostic-ing, Wii sports and club penguin šŸ™‚

Friday with Daddy – today went better than Wednesday and they managed some maths – Skye is continuing with Singapore maths and seems confident just to get on with it without much guidance or supervision. Apparently when checking her answers Wayne pointed out that she had one wrong and she got upset as she disagreed – turned out she was right all along and it was in fact correct!! Oops!

Saturday Skye spent a couple of hours car washing with the Youth Club fundraiser whilst Poppy played with our friends dog Star, who was spending the day with us. Wayne and I tidied up the study – so much paperwork that really needed sorting and organising. Skye arrived home, we all had lunch, girls walked Star about four times round the brook, I went food shopping. Got home, had tea, watched tat on television. Girls went to bed reading some dog magazines that my Mum’s friend had donated and I blogged.


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