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Going through the many, many photos and have realised that I haven’t blogged about all the other stuff we have been up to over the past couple of weeks.

Aside from the normals, we have had some fabulous art filled days with the Puddle chicks. In the absence of any proper ‘art’ books, I raided my bookshelf to find some beautifully illustrated books to inspire the girls and had some lovely results, I particularly like Poppy’s recreation from The Elephants Ears book cover…

July 2010 044

Skye took her inspiration from a lovely book called ‘Where the Fairies Fly’…

July 2010 033

..and generally had fun experimenting…

July 2010 032

July 2010 031

Merry and I had a play about with something we had seen from the lady who hosts Sketch Tuesday which turned out rather well and think it would be something the girls could try out without getting too frustrated.

We made a type of squiggle picture using the oil pastel pens Then drew a grid on the reverse using a 30cm ruler, cut out the squares, then glued them back on randomly to create a collage.

July 2010 041

Merry’s collage turned out better than mine, mainly because of the way she had created her original pattern, she used solid blocks of colour in a squiggly patterns, whereas I did more of a scribble. I was good though to compare the two ideas.

We had a lovely evening geocaching around Ferry Meadows where the girls had to work out the answers to clues to locate the cache and managed to figure it out without us 🙂 It was our first multicache too 🙂

July 2010 053

Skye has had her dance show which was fabulous. She was great and looked gorgeous 🙂 The first half of the show was the musical theatre bit, Mary Poppins. Skye looked very nervous but held a smile through her performance. The second half was themed ‘Dance Around the World’ – Skye took part in a Beatles Medley and looked very comfortable up on stage, she was very relaxed and danced beautifully. Skye loved it so much that she wanted to do it again the next day! We were very proud of her.

Poppy spent an hour or so in the garden with my camera and took some fantastic photos of flowers, butterflies and bees.

Skye blogged about geocaching with the Beans – a lovely little read.

The girls have both been working through Literacy CGP books – they seem to be comfortable with these and seem to be able to be left to get on with it. Poppy is using Year Five and Skye is whizzing through Year Six. Maths is a bit of a mixed bag – haven’t really found anything that we use regularly but seem to dip into many. They quite enjoy BBC Bitesize and we continuously work on times tables, number bonds etc.

Wayne met up with Daddy’s Puddle and Bean and had a fabulous day kite making. I am hoping that Daddy CielRouge will blog about it in detail. Unfortunately our camera battery wasn’t charged so he didn’t get any photos – thankfully the others did (struggling to find out how to add them to my blog but will try to figure it out!).

What else, erm, oh yes, there was a local Heritage Festival encampment, performing reenactments, storytelling and demonstrations. Some of the tents were fantastic with very ornate furniture – I would have quite happily lived in one :). There were a number of demonstrations, some hands on, showing skills such as making cannon balls, tiles, arrows. There were lots of stalls selling beautiful hand-made outfits, jewellery and fudge (which was yummy :)) and various toys and gifts. The girls tried their hand at tile making – the lady was very knowledgeable and explained where the designs originated and took the girls step by step how the tiles were made. They helped her make a tile, pressing the clay with the wooden template to imprint a design, in this case it originated from Kent, they helped load the slip into a cow’s horn which was used to fill in the imprint on the tile. It would then have been left to dry out, sanded down and painted. Unfortunately this was not the type of tile they got to make themselves to take home, instead they were given some clay and cutters and both girls made crown shaped tiles.

July 2010 007 July 2010 010

July 2010 011

July 2010 006 July 2010 004

Girls have watched various animal documentaries and Roman Mysteries, lots of role-playing, mainly Dr Who games, shops and families with the Puddle chicks.

Skye is still reading through her Horrible Geography series and thoroughly enjoying it! We have recently got Poppy a few books from the Olga da Polga series about a guinea pig – books that I read and enjoyed as a child and I hope Poppy will too.

Well I think I’m about up to date with all the other stuff that’s been going on 🙂 Yay!


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