The last few days

Spent the day at the seaside on Sunday with Mum and Dad, who were there for the weekend. Had a lovely day – the weather got surprisingly warm! Sat on the beach for a couple of hours and the girls had a paddle and went looking for crabs. Dad found a rather large one and Skye couldn’t wait to get hold of it! She certainly does not get her bravery for crab holding from me!!

July 2010 Wells next to Sea 057

On the walk back to the campsite we stopped off for an icecream which was melting far quicker that it was being eaten – there must have been a problem with the ice cream machine struggling with the demand and not freezing quick enough!! After our BBQ tea we helped Mum and Dad pack up as they wanted to leave in the evening rather than the morning – had we have known they were intending on leaving a day early, we would have taken our overnight things and advantage of a nights camping! Had a relatively traffic free drive home, driving very slowly past the embankment at Peterborough where JLS were performing at an open air concert, so the girls could get a glimpse of them on stage – not that they are fans just that we had friends going and they wanted to have a look!

Monday morning the girls and I looked through some of their old learning logs that they used when they were at school – its no wonder really that they dislike writing so much, given the amount they had to do since they were 5 years old!!! After flicking through the books, we worked together on some acrostic poems – which they really seem to enjoy and its a good way of getting them to think of some interesting adjectives.

Merry and the girls arrived shortly before 11am and the girls spent most of the day playing and dressing up whilst Merry and I came up with a ‘plan’ for the next few weeks. From reading Merry’s blog entry for today, I’m hoping that I’ve not put too much pressure on – apologies if I have Merry. But I do feel happier with a plan šŸ™‚ Most of the girls sketched ‘something from a kitchen drawer’ which was the Sketch Tuesday theme for this week.

Skye’s contributions…

July 2010 Sketch Tuesday and other sketches 006

July 2010 Sketch Tuesday and other sketches 005

..and Poppy’s…

July 2010 Sketch Tuesday and other sketches 003

Some of us, namely Merry and I, got distracted from this theme and sketched something else instead šŸ™‚

This was mine, which i rather like. Was not too sure about using the pastels but once I got going, decided that I quite enjoyed them šŸ™‚

July 2010 Sketch Tuesday and other sketches 007

Skye also used pastels to create a beautiful still life drawing which she is rather proud of…

July 2010 Sketch Tuesday and other sketches 004

Skye went off with Merry and the girls to dance, Poppy watched an animal documentary whilst I prepared something for tea and had a tidy up.

Wayne and Skye arrived home, had tea then took the girls to my Mum and Dads for the night as I have got to go into work tomorrow šŸ˜¦

The girls did a really good job of completing all the work I had asked them to do whilst at Nanas. Both continued to work through CGP literacy books, do some sketching and more acrostic poems. Amongst all that they walked Merlyn and had a water fight with him in the garden šŸ™‚ Skye’s Scouts session was at Hinchingbrooke Park for games and ‘backwards’ cooking. They had to make an open fire then after wrapping their food in foil, cooked it in the fire – Skye loved doing this and had a lovely evening. Wayne and I had a very pleasant stroll round the park whilst Poppy zipped round on her bike. Finished the evening with a play at the park before getting the girls home, showered and very late to bed!


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